The Power of a Chiropractic Adjustment

I am the first chiropractor in my family. I remember telling my mother when I was a teenager that I wanted to be a homeopathic doctor. That didn’t go over well. The response was simple, “if you are going to be a doctor, you might as well be a real doctor.” I was crushed. I didn’t want to be a “real doctor,” I wanted to help people get well naturally. So, chiropractic went on the shelf for many years. I was generally a healthy kid that spent hours running around barefoot and playing outdoors, but then something changed.

One Day I “Developed” Allergies

For no apparent reason, my body decided to be allergic to lots of things all of a sudden. I was sick often. One day I was fine, the next few years I was not. I almost missed my senior prom because of the newly acquired allergies. My mom took me to the “real doctor” and I was giving prescription after prescription for years. I can’t remember how many times we went back for more. She took me to an allergy specialist that recommended a series of allergy shots. I did the shots and still had my allergies. I was miserable!

I had taken every over-the-counter and prescription allergy medication on the market. You name it, I had taken it. It was a ritual. Several times a year I was struck by the allergy monster and was literally bedridden. Sometimes my allergies would morph into the flu or a cold and last for weeks at a time. During the day, I would do my best to manage my symptoms and habitually just knocked myself out to sleep it out.

Fast Forward 15 Years

Many years later, I rediscovered chiropractic as a preventive way to stay healthy. I noticed my general health improved with regular chiropractic care. Honestly, I had suffered with allergies for so long, having symptoms was my “normal” way of being. How sad is that! It wasn’t until I was listening to a speaker talk about the role of the nervous system on the immune system that it dawned on me; I hadn’t gotten sick in a really long time. I shuffled through my brain to recall the last time I was struck by my allergies. I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t believe how easily I had forgotten. After all those years, how could I forget? Easy, my body was designed for health and it wasn’t looking back. No doubt, having firsthand experience as a patient gives me great empathy for my patients.

“I am passionate about educating others about the power of a chiropractic adjustment. After all, why didn’t someone tell me or my mother that chiropractic could help me all those years ago?”

I Was Miserable

Although allergies aren’t life threatening, I was miserable for years! I am a living testament that chiropractic care is preventive health care. Why wait to get sick to get well…

We. listen. We care. We get results.

Jeanett Tapia, DC
Intouch Chiropractic | San Diego, CA
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