The Nervous System Is the Master Controller

The nervous system is the master controller that regulates every other system in your body, such as the: glandular, reproductive, digestive, circulatory and immune systems. Any interference to the spine, blocks the natural flow of health throughout your body.  It is the nervous system that tells your body how to function without any conscious thought.

An amazing self-correcting and self-healing capacity exists within us. Science continues to gather evidence of the nervous system’s unique and powerful capacities. Research gathered from a variety of disciplines, holistic medical approaches as well as ancient healing traditions reveals that the single most important factor in unlocking our body’s innate capacity for healing is an obstructed, well-functioning nervous system. In fact, all ancient traditions have documented reverence and respect of the spine and nervous system.

The nervous system is composed of the brain, spinal cord and all of the nerves. Our nerves branch out of our spine to every part of our anatomy connecting to every cell, muscle,organ and tissue. This system transmits vital, life-giving energy and information from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain. This highly complex system interconnects every part of the body-mind creating a vast communication network in which every cell is harmoniously interactive with every other cell. In fact, as NUCCA doctors we are only concerned about the spine, because the central nervous system lives inside the bones with the brain stem living in the upper neck.

When your nervous system is clear and flexible, there is a natural flow to your life, growth and health. However, when there is interference to its communication, it poses a serious threat to your body’s capacity to respond to and recover from the demands placed upon it. Eventually putting your physical and mental health at risk. In chiropractic, we called nerve interference, subluxation.

As NUCCA chiropractors dedicated to freeing the nervous system, we have witnessed the body’s innate healing powers spontaneously unlock when the nervous system is clear.

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