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Do you suffer from neck pain, back pain, herniated discs, bulging discs or sciatica?

Find out how you can avoid surgery and live drug-free with lasting relief from chronic and acute pain. Spinal Decompression is one of the most effective, non-invasive treatments for back pain that does not require surgery.

Spinal Decompression is a gentle and safe alternative treatment that is approved by the FDA, and used by orthopedic doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, pain specialists, and physical therapists worldwide.  Before Spinal Decompression was available, patient options were limited to pain killers, muscle relaxants, cortisone injections and surgery. We help ease your pain from bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and sciatica. Our proven spine care relief program will get you back on the road to recovery quickly!

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Discover How We Help
Patients Just Like You

What Makes NUCCA & Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Unique?

Intouch Chiropratic offers state-of-the-art patient care that focuses on elevating the patient experience and getting results. We specifically locate the cause of your health problems instead of just covering up the symptoms. We utilize a powerful combination of treatments to get you the most relief. Many of our patients tell us that they have tried everything and have frankly lost hope. That’s where we come in.

We understand how difficult it is to live with chronic health conditions that interfere with your social life as well as your work life. We know your pain not only impacts you, but also your friends and family. We recognize that you are tired and uncertain of the future. Our doctors provide answers and guide you  back to a better quality of life quickly. We take the time to get to know you and provide tailored recommendations just for you.

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My husband and I have both been patients of Dr. Young for a few months now. I started seeing Dr. Young in May when I woke up literally paralyzed to my bed. I was seriously in agony. I am a mother and a wife and could not do anything for my family. A few weeks prior, I had some upper back/neck pain but just thought I had slept wrong and that the pain would eventually go away. Boy was I wrong. I was literally twisted. Recommended by a good friend of mine, I came to In Touch Chiropractic, in tears. I was soothed by Dr. Young and Tamara. They made me feel so comfortable and confirmed my decision that chiropractic was the way to go. I put all my trust in Dr. Young but I was scared. Spinal treatment to me was frightening, but with every adjustment I got, my body felt more and more natural, vibrant, and HEALTHY. My husband was already a big fan of chiropractic care so it didn't take him long to start treatment as well. He is a tattooer and has horrible posture, working for long hours in odd positions. He is seeing such amazing results like me. We are now down to weekly adjustments and start every week with Dr. Young. We love walking into the office to see Tamara's smile. This place is super family friendly as our two young girls run this office to pieces, theres even toys for them to play with. We now recommend chiropractic care to everyone, and if you are in the San Diego area, go to In Touch. Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia are amazing. Your body will thank you! Thank you Dr. Young for always doing your best, your positivity is contagious. (happy carrots!)
04:30 28 Aug 14
NUCCA produces great results and helps you get to where you need to be in order to live your best life with gentle manipulation. If you’re in pain and need help I definitely recommend going here and letting Dr. Young work with you on what he can do for you. I love my experience here, and it’s been very helpful at getting my life back to pain free after I pulled my neck out. I’ve invited several of my friends and loved ones as well and everyone has seemed to benefit from this care. I absolutely recommend this office.
Marianne Gaylord
Marianne G.
02:02 23 Mar 18
If I could give them 6 stars, I would!My Chiropractic Story.Wow! What a difference Intouch Chiropractic has made in my life.I started racing BMX when I was 8 years old and continued my racing career until I was 26. During this time, I had accomplished multiple National, Regional, State, and District #1 Titles. Had national sponsorships and was traveling to a different city ever other week. I felt like a champion everyday… until one day I suffered a career ending injury. Saying I was “devastated” would be an understatement. My favorite passion had finally ended.10 years went by and I was a complete wreck the whole time. “Out of whack” was an easy way to describe the state my body was in. All of my injuries that I had suffered during my racing career finally caught up with me. Everything from multiple torn ACL’s on both knees, broken collarbones, multiple neck and back injuries and then some only added to my daily pain, my increasing depression and my social anxiety. My doctors remedy was to keep adding more and more medication to alleviate my pain, which only helped to mask it. Not being able to participate in fun activities with my friends, sometimes even going for a walk, only increased those negative thoughts and feelings even more. I began to believe that this was normal and how the rest of my life would be.One day a friend of mine recommended going to a chiropractor. I, of course, hesitated as I had always heard the negative comments of going to see one, so I never did. Until one day, I decided that enough was enough, I had tried everything else, so why not go see a chiropractor. Just to write it of my list and say “yeah, I’ve already tried that too.”It has been less than a year and WOW!! What a difference!I remember going in to see Dr. Young and commenting, “I want to feel young again” as a joke. Well, the jokes on me, I not only feel young again, I feel better than young.Besides being able to be active with no more pain, is no more medication. I wake up everyday pain free and no longer need to see the doctors who kept over prescribing me. I have mobility in parts of my body that I hadn’t for over 10 years.Saying my life is “amazing” doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel now. I never thought I could ever feel this great again. I can’t say “THANK YOU” enough to Dr. Young, Dr. Tapia and Joselyn. They have truly helped to change my life.Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
Ken McClure
Ken M.
18:02 01 Dec 15
I came into Intouch about three months ago with headaches and back pain. I had been to a few different chiropractors in the past, both traditional and upper cervical, to treat a pinched nerve in my neck from a car accident about 5 years ago. Both of the styles worked but I didn't feel like I was getting the full spectrum of care that I needed for the profession that I am in. My body needed more wide variety of tools to heal and strengthen.I am a project manager for a landscape construction company and my job is very high impact. In the past I would have been completely unable to do anything needed of me at work per recommendations of my past chiropractors. Dr.Young was able to work with me so that I was able to continue working throughout the initial, most intensive stage of my treatment. Dr. Young has an extensive knowledge of athletes and what is needed to keep their body and spine healthy and happy. Within the first week of treatment my headaches were gone and I was able to alleviate a lot of the tension and pain in my back. One of the biggest advantages of Dr. Young's treatment is that he has a wide range of tools to use. He was able to give me upper cervical care when it was necessary but also use traditional chiropractic methods when I needed relief in other areas of my spine.Not only is the care top notch, Joclyn, Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia are absolutely amazing! They provide the best experience for their clients. I would highly recommend all of my friends and family to Intouch Chiropractic!
Alyssa Finley-Moore
Alyssa F.
23:40 01 Jun 15
Going over my x-rays with my neuromuscular dentist I learned I have a twisted c1 and c2. Knowing I prefer a more holistic route, my Dr. asked if I had ever thought about seeing a chiropractor. I told him I was seeing one for the last 6 mo. At that point he asked if my Chiropractor was a Nucca chiropractor. Nucca huh? To be honest I have never heard the term before. He informed me that Nucca deals with upper cervical and is extremely beneficial in dealing with TMJ and the issues I mentioned such as upper thoracic tension etc. Accordingly, I was given Dr. Young's info and called asap. From my first phone call Joselyn made me feel so welcomed and answered my ridiculous questions with patience and understanding. I have been seeing Dr. Young for about a month thus far and could not be more satisfied with my care. I really look forward to every appointment. I am seeing results as far as my pains go and also learning so much in the process. Dr. Young has no agenda and is thorough, knowledgeable and empathetic to his patients. If you're considering Nucca definitely give Dr. Young consideration. You will feel you made the right decision from your first phone call.
Tyler Case
Tyler C.
16:46 06 Feb 19
Drastically improved neck. No more neck pain, I wont need surgery anymore! Dr. Young is great at keeping me in shape. Great location and superb service! I recommend these guys, check them out!
Stephen Scott
Stephen S.
18:22 20 Mar 19
Dr. Devin Young has helped me tremendously in ways that I never expected. From visiting Dr. Young once a week continuous over the past year I have actually improved my mobility with twisting my body in multiple directions, my headaches have gone away, and neck pain has disappeared completely. Not only has Intouch done what they said they would do and improve my quality of life, but they are also extremely nice people with the best staff. Joselyn will make you feel right at home the moment you walk through their door. I look forward to my visits here each week. Can I give more than 5 Stars??5+ Stars Thank You Intouch!!
Josh Bevilacqua
Josh B.
04:35 12 Jul 18
After two years of blood tests, an MRI, and a daily regimen of pain meds I was at my wits end on how to handle my constant headaches, fatigue, and constant nasal congestion. My friend recommended Dr. Young and assured me that it was NOT the typical cracking session chiropractic service. I am happy to say that I have more energy, focus, and have stopped my daily routine of pain meds and decongestants. Dr. Young, Dr. Tapia, and Jocelyn make every visit worthwhile and such a pleasant experience. Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia are caring, great listeners, and try to educate me about the adjustments. Jocelyn always tries her best to accommodate my erratic schedule. The combination of effective treatments and a wonderful staff makes this a true investment in my overall health.
Taavili cheung-fuk
Taavili C.
00:03 23 Jan 17
Where do I start. This place is amazing! Great vibes great people excelent service. I dont just feel like a patient, but more like part of a chiropractic family! Starting out with my person chiropractor Devin, I was a mess! Pains in my lower back, tension in my neck including headaches, and even a pulled hamstring! A year and a half later and I feel like a new man! My hamstring fully recovered as promised by staff, regained strength in my lower back, less stress less tension. I come out feeling taller, head high, ready to take on the world! From the receptionist to the chiropractics, I promise you feel welcomed. I highly recommend this place to everyone, you wont be let down.  ☺
Armando Flores
Armando F.
00:36 03 Mar 17
I was 6 month post partum and started having pains all over my body. Upper neck pain, lower back pain, and tendinitis in my wrist were all a part of my daily life. I came to Intouch and was treated with great care and patience. Dr. Young took his time explaining everything to me about how the process worked and what the best treatment plan was going forward. It took just a couple of visits before I started to feel like myself again. After following the treatment plan, I feel even better than I did before I was pregnant. I was so impressed with the changes in my body that my husband and I decided to start having our baby adjusted as well. He had a few "normal" baby issues that we were hoping could be resolved (acid reflux, tracheomalasia), but more importantly had open heart surgery when he was 3 months old. Under Dr. Tapia's care we hope that he won't have to go under the knife again. He is doing so much better and we are so grateful for her caring touch and relationship with our son.
Kelly Denham
Kelly D.
21:36 14 May 14
Staff working there are really cool and chill people who will answer your questions. The place is simple but comforting. I would recommend anybody to visit!!! <3
Ivonne Eileen
Ivonne E.
23:13 22 Oct 18
This place is awesome and so inviting. I've always been nervous of the whole Chiropractic thing until Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young put my nerves at ease. They are the best team of Chiro's ever. Thanks to them I now have a good nights rest with energy to start my mornings.
Alma Vera
Alma V.
05:12 12 Feb 14
Great place! Wonderful staff!!
Amanda LeGore
Amanda L.
01:14 24 May 18
Met Dr. Young at Adams Ave Street fair last fall 2014. Set up an appointment and now several months later feel 100% better. The personal care and attention you receive form the time you walk in the door with a greeting and your appointment schedule review from Joselyn, to the treatment and concern Dr. Young has to make life better with proper alignment and treatment plan. Treatment was not only concerned with back alignment but with healthier living recommendations too. Great place and great service. I recommend to anyone needing or looking for chiropractic care to schedule an appointment with Dr. Young or Dr. Tapia.My life has improved!!!Thank you to all in the office!!!
todd schuler
todd S.
02:32 23 Feb 15
As a fellow healthcare practitioner I highly recommend Dr. Young and Intouch Chiropractic. I was able to gain 20% more space in my cervical spine in less than three months and continue to see positive effects from NUCCA therapy. Dr. Young is very thorough and takes time to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. The whole experience from entering the clinic to a smiling face and eventually lying back in a zero gravity chair is wonderful.
Dr. Lauren Hayden
Dr. Lauren H.
20:46 02 May 18
Dr Young & Dr Tapia have been paramount in assisting our family towards achieving improved overall health. Their healing hands, encouragement, and recommendations for additional interventions/modalities to assist on our health journey have been greatly appreciated! We are so very grateful for the InTouch team including Joselyn and her beautiful welcoming smile!
Be Hugh
Be H.
18:35 28 Feb 18
I went to InTouch because my skeletal frame seemed to be off. I felt a clicking when doing certain workouts in the spine and in my shoulders. After we went over the first set of X-Rays, I understood important it is to take care of your neck. I only had one neck bone operating normally. After 3 months of treatment, 4 of the neck bones are back to normal, my posture has improved immensely, I run a full 10K without pain in my right knee (which was another issue before), my shoulder is doing great and overall health and vitality is up by considerable measure. I highly recommend Dr. Young, Dr. Tapia, Joselyn and the team. They really know what they are doing.
Naimesh Shah
Naimesh S.
18:46 24 May 18
Intouch Chiropractic has changed my life!!! I can clearly remember the days when my vision would blur and my hearing would go in and out. I could barely bend over to tie my shoes because of the intense, indescribable pain!! It was scary, and I wasn't sure what to do, especially since I was a soon to be dad, and I knew I needed to get help. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Young, and he explained to me that he could not only relieve my pain, but he could get down to the root of the problem, and start a healing process. Since I started, I have experienced great relief and awesome progress. I don't just feel good, I feel GREAT!! The staff at Intouch Chiropractic are bar none some of the best people i know. Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia have something beautiful going on here and I'm beyond blessed to be a part of it!!
Andrew Cato
Andrew C.
23:00 22 Jan 15
I have been a runner for many years. I often struggled when training for longer distance races. I would fall off my training due to pain in my legs, hips and ankles. I did not understand the importance of balance throughout my body. I was often in pain just getting out of bed after a long run. As I incorporated the care of Dr. Young into my training I quickly noticed improvements. I was easily able to increase running distance and intensity. I have surprised myself with the improvements I have seen and the goals that I have achieved. I realize now that it takes a total care strategy not just to improve my running but to improve my overall well being. I just wish I knew how much this would improve my life sooner. I feel stronger and happier and still continue to improve.I know that every time I set a new goal I have a team behind me that includes the Intouch Chiropractic Team.Thank you Dr. Young and Joselyn for all you do to keep me on track. Gary F.
Gary Fitzpatrick
Gary F.
21:23 02 Nov 15
I've been a a patient of both Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young for a few years, and love their work. They schedule quickly, and really care about getting be balk on my feet. I'm behind a desk most of the week, and then become a sports "weekend warrior" - so I'm always sore or stiff, needing help. I can also depend on them getting me back to where I need to be. Strongly recommend their office.
Joshua Bonnici
Joshua B.
17:47 30 Jun 16
Devin and Jeanett treated both of us when they were in the Bay Area. They are both good listeners and superb practitioners. They not only improved our health, but educated us in diet and general self care. Even our 7 year old grandchild who is a gymnast benefitted from their care. San Diego is so lucky to have them!
Margaret Michael Mills
Margaret Michael M.
23:46 24 Jan 19
When I first came to Intouch chiropractic I had been to dozens of doctors, been through tons of medical tests, and was beginning to give up on ever feeling better. Meeting with Dr. Young gave me hope again. I started believing that I could feel better and get back to my life. Within a few months of treatment I was able to return to work and I slowly began feeling like myself. I am so thankful to Dr. Young and everyone at intouch chiropractic.
Rachel Escudero
Rachel E.
13:54 05 Dec 17
Dr. Young is remarkable!!! I was referred to him from a friend of mine and I am so glad I found him. I am dealing with a swollen collarbone and in a ton of pain on the left side of my upper body and he has been able to help me out tremendously. Ever since going to him I have been getting better and better everyday and have complete trust in him working on my body to get back to normal. I would recommend anyone in need of an adjustment or pain relief to come see Dr. Young, him and his friendly secretary Joselyn are amazing and I can't thank them enough for helping me out.
Carlo Mercurio
Carlo M.
00:09 30 Nov 18
I used to get almost daily migraines and cluster headaches, after just a month my neck pain and headaches/migranes were gone! Dr. Young spends the time to explain and help you understand everything. He is an awsome doctor and I would highly recommend if you have any type of neck or spinal problems!
Natalie Short
Natalie S.
21:27 07 May 18
Super friendly office!
Sunita Maddali
Sunita M.
01:31 07 Mar 19
If you have any neck problems you have to check out this office!!! Best neck doctors in town.
Adrián Mozo
Adrián M.
04:40 23 Jun 18
Dr. Young is a great NUCCA practitioner. I have been under NUCCA care for a long time and it helped me with migraines and sleeping problems. If you feel like you have tried everything, but nothing worked, this is the answer. Intouch chiropractic has a great, modern office, with a very friendly staff.
Elan Schrier
Elan S.
22:44 04 Jun 18
Before I found Intouch, I had visited several doctors, massage therapists and chiropractors, looking for a solution to terrible sciatic pain. I was referred to Devin by a family member who had been seeing him for quite some time. After my first exam and Xrays, Devin developed a plan of action to solve the underlying cause of the pain and it had nothing to do with my back. My problem area was actually my neck. After my first adjustment, I was walking without a limp and after 2 weeks I was back in the gym. The office is clean and comfortable. Jocelyn is amazing and friendly and very accommodating. And then there's the zero gravity chairs... I recommend Intouch everybody I can.
Erik James Nelson
Erik James N.
22:23 30 Nov 18
Being under NUCCA care has gotten rid of my headaches and acid reflux.This new lifestyle which includes regular chiropractic visits, zero pain killer medication, and an active lifestyle is the best I have ever felt.
Jannee Garcia
Jannee G.
13:25 23 Jan 19
Great place! Friendly staff and I love the inspiration messages on the ceiling they get you thinking ❤️
Rachael Lynes
Rachael L.
23:24 04 Jun 18
Usually, whenever I have a problem in my life, all I need to do is go look in the mirror and I am looking directly at the source of my problem. The same is true here when it comes to my neck and spinal health. Dr. Young and Intouch Chiropractic have been a Godsend and such a blessing in my life. These days, my neck and back are basically "singing sweet tunes" because they feel so good. Thank you so much Dr. Young, Joselyn, and everyone that makes Intouch Chiropractic tick. I highly recommend Intouch Chiropractic to anyone that needs help in this way.
Tom Faccone
Tom F.
21:09 29 Mar 18
(Translated by Google) The NUCCA technique has helped my 15-month-old daughter a lot. My daughter was diagnosed with ocular epilepsy and psychomotor retardation & this technique has given her mobility both in the neck and in her entire body. It helps you regulate your system and your posture.(Original)La tecnica NUCCA le ah ayudado mucho a mi hija de 15 meses. Mi hija fue diagnosticada con Epilepsia ocular y ,retraso psicomotor & esta tecnica le ah dado movilidad tanto en el cuello como en su cuerpo entero. Le ayuda a regular su sistema y su postura.
Lizeth Perez
Lizeth P.
23:08 17 May 19
Never really had chiropractic care before coming here. This place is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and genuine. I was so nervous when I first came in but after meeting everyone, I relaxed. Amazing staff and amazing care!
Daisy Mora
Daisy M.
18:04 20 Jun 18
amazing office! wonderful upper cervical practitioners who work in a caring and supportive environment. i absolutely LIVE to get my atlas/axis adjusted so my immune system works optimally and i feel my best. and joselyn makes me smile as soon as i walk in the door. helpful and cheery and terrific in every way.
Andee K
Andee K
01:36 16 Nov 16
Our whole family has seen huge benefits from our care with Intouch Chiropractic! I have received care throughout both my pregnancies as well as afterwards. I have several structural issus with my spine, and NUCCA has helped me be able to care for my kids relatively pain-free! My husband John has had persistent issues from former injuries, and through NUCCA and some additional tweeks, he is much more comfortable during the week. Our two children have received care since they were born! Our youngest had a major reconstructive skull surgery at 9 months because his skull had fused to early, and we are so thankful for the specialized adjustments Dr. Young did weekly on him to help prepare him for surgery, and to recover afterwards. He even braved the hospital to give him some adjustments post-operation! Our whole family highly recommends this wonderful team for chiropractic care!
Ebey S
Ebey S
21:58 07 Feb 17
I am a chiropractor also and this is where I chose to get adjusted. Dr. Tapia hits a home-run every time. NUCCA is awesome.
Justin Keffer
Justin K.
18:40 18 Jul 14
Dr. Tapia at InTouch chiropractic is one of the best chiropractors I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.Let me qualify that statement for you, though, so you’ll realize where I'm coming from. I've seen more than 30 chiropractors in my life, sometimes because I was living in another state or country, sometimes because I needed to try different technique or modality, and sometimes because I fired chiropractors that didn't meet my expectations. Not only that, I've been involved with natural health and healing work semi-professionally for a while, not to mention blogging and writing about health and well-being. I've researched, studied, and tried just about the entire range of alternative health options. I bring a decent degree of experience and understanding with me as a result.The technique Dr. Tapia uses is called Nucca. It focuses on correcting the upper cervical region of the neck to affect change in the entire spine, and as a result, the health of the entire person. So far, I have experienced positive changes in ways that no other chiropractic technique could provide me – and I've tried basically all of them.So I say that Dr. Tapia is fantastic, I'm actually qualified to say that and have it mean something.In addition to her professional qualifications, she has an amazing bedside manner. It is probably more accurate to say, in fact, that she has the warmth and compassion of a mother, and she's as easy to talk to as a good friend would be.Thankfully, it's not just Dr. Tapia that makes the place wonderful. Jocelyn, the woman who works the front desk and schedules appointments, is kindhearted, sweet, welcoming. I don't know Dr. Young very well yet, but he's always been friendly and genuine whenever I've interacted with him.Oh, and you'll never want for a hug. I get at least one every time I go in, because I need them, and they genuinely care enough to give them (if you want them, of course).Part of my living comes from writing, and this is the kind of thing I could probably get paid for, but they're not paying me for it. I'm doing it because I believe in them and what they do.Overall and without hesitation, I recommend InTouch
Matthew Stensland-Bos
Matthew S.
03:33 16 Jan 15
Dr. Young is amazing - in over a month he's helped me with my headaches, lower back, jaw and knee problems. His NUCCA healing hands and caring personality made my visits comfortable and painless. Jocelyn in the front has been so kind and sweet. Thank you Dr. Young and team!!
R Ch
R C.
16:58 06 Sep 17
Felt incredible and strong after leaving the office yesterday and a week of pain. The adjustment also improved my mood instantaneously!
Michael Carini
Michael C.
20:26 28 Feb 19
In Touch Chiropractic is amazing! Both dr. tapia and dr young know their stuff! Their technique is different and specializes in the brain stem / upper neck area that’s super important- especially after whiplash injuries, stroke and neurological challenges. They are great at educating and supporting their patients! Their office manager Jocelyn is awesome as well- super sweet and always on top of things! Highly recommend!
katie schlein
katie S.
22:40 25 Feb 19
Dr. Young has truly changed my life for the better. All of the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and component. I came in a bit skeptical (referred by a friend), and was just struck by the results. I've had mild/moderate back pain for a couple years and it is literally disappearing as I go through the chiro process!! I'm excited to get another set of x-rays soon to see the results of our work. I would recommend Intouch to anyone suffering back pain.
Melissa Gutierrez
Melissa G.
00:30 12 Apr 18
After years of suffering with back, leg, neck and knee pain due to a motorcycle accident I decided I could no longer endure it's debilitating affects and made the decision to take back control of my life and health by making an appointment with doctor Young at Intouch Chiropractic. Admittedly I came in a little skeptical that real change could be made in my case but I was pleasantly suprised to find just the opposite. From the moment I walked in and was greeted by Joselyn's big smile and caring concern I felt welcomed and that my health and wellness was their top concern.Dr. Young explained every step of or treatment plan giving me the responsibility and control to take back my health. I have been to many chiropractors over the years but I have been most impressed with the treatment I have received and results I have achieved at Intouch Chiropractic. In just my first week of treatment I was able to put down my cane for good and walk on my own!I tell everyone who listens about the benefit of Chiropractic about the exceptional care I receive from Dr. Young and his staff at Intouch Chiropractic.
Lee Blackmore
Lee B.
00:27 27 Sep 17
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Tapia and Intouch Chiropractic. The entire staff is friendly, welcoming and efficient. I have never had to wait past my appointment time and I am always greeted by genuinely caring people. Dr. Tapia is an excellent NUCCA practitioner! She is incredibly friendly, attentive and her technique is awesome! She really listens to her patients and seems to effortlessly recall previous conversations. I am grateful that I found such an incredible NUCCA office!!
Stacey Hughes
Stacey H.
15:10 30 Mar 15
Dr. Tapia is definitely a great upper cervical chiropractor. She has alot of knowledge of what is going on with the body and understanding it on a different level. I would refer anyone to see Dr. Tapia.
Dr. Ashleigh Street
Dr. Ashleigh S.
20:35 20 Feb 14
(Translated by Google) Excellent location and with an excellent staff and service.(Original)Excelente localización y con un excelente personal y servicio.
Esperanza Mozo
Esperanza M.
18:24 17 May 19
After months of not being able to lift my head out of bed due to piercing pain in my neck, back and shoulder, I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Young when my traditional chiropractor could not alleviate my symptoms. After my initial consultation, Dr. Young very precisely explained and demonstrated how my pain was derived from multiple subluxations in my neck and how it was effecting not only my neck and shoulder area, but my entire body’s posture as well.As others have mentioned, NUCCA treatment is a completely different experience when you’re used to the cracking and twisting from a traditional chiropractor. At most it feels like slight pressure, but the results for me were instantaneous. After just the first adjustment I regained full movement in my neck, whereas before I could barely move my head to the right without feeling pain. Since then, I virtually have none of the pain I had experienced before and my posture has improved immensely. Unlike many other practices, Dr. Young actually provides a solution to FIX the problem, not just alleviate the pain.I am incredibly grateful for how much Dr. Young has been able to help me improve my daily life. It’s always great to talk to Joselyn and she is always happy to accommodate and help you with anything you need as well. Long story short, she helped me through a three-month long game of tag with receiving reimbursement from my FSA provider. I highly recommend the entire team at Intouch Chiropractic and cannot express how much of an impact they have had on my life!
Dominic Nepomuceno
Dominic N.
03:48 25 Jul 17
Great upper cervical office. Dr. Young has been able to help me so much. Totally recommend this office to anybody.
Katie Ferrar
Katie F.
18:56 21 Jun 18
When I began treatment with Dr. Young I was distraught with anxiety that my world was coming to an end. I had been told to expect an ever increasing regimen of heavy drugs, surgeries, and pain management. Dr. Young has drastically reduced my medical issues to a manageable level; he has given me hope and an envigorated return to a physical participation with my family and work. I am truly grateful for his unique expertise which gave me my life back. David Mandel
David Mandel
David M.
06:02 27 Jan 16
I've been seeing Dr. Young for 3 months now and have had a great experience. The staff is friendly, always have smiles, and the practice is warm and inviting. I'm not new to Nucca, having gone to a Nucca practitioner in Seattle when I was living there, but it's been a few years and I was really happy to find Intouch Chiropractic so close to home since I'm a big believer in the method. I was having some issues with my lower back and hip and within a few adjustments my pain was mostly gone, and now a few months later, I rarely have pain at all. In the last few months I've become stronger and feel able to do more, like work at my standing desk for the majority of the day, or get out of bed with no back pain, and I recently started CrossFit.. something I wouldn't have done before. I've also introduced my 84 year old Grandmother to Dr. Young and Nucca. She's had several surgeries, mostly due to a car accident she had in her 60's. She's had a lot of lower back and sciatic pain that has not been managed well. After seeing how well I was doing, she decided to give it a try and she's also having amazing results so far. She's only a few weeks in, but already we see an improvement in her balance, her pain levels are lower, she's more willing to get out and about, and she's feeling optimistic that she'll finally get the overall relief she's been looking for. For that alone, I highly recommend Intouch Chiropractic.. they are an awesome bunch!
Kelly Clark
Kelly C.
17:39 07 Jun 17
Best Upper cervical specialists in town. Very welcoming 🙂
03:54 25 Jul 18
I first visited Dr. Young because I had severe lower back and neck pain. After the x-rays and the initial check up, Dr. Young was able to determine that my neck had some issues and one of my legs was about half an inch shorter than the other. Immediately after the first few sessions I began to notice the difference. The pain was completely gone, and I felt allot more energized and balanced. I have been seeing Dr. Young now for over 6 months and I feel great. As an added benefit, a heart burn problem that I had at nights (specially after spicy dinners) has disappeared. I no longer have problems sleeping, and have not taken tums in a long time. Thank you Dr Young, and In-touch Chiropractic.
Daniel Osegueda
Daniel O.
00:56 20 May 15
Since I began with Intouch Chiropractic I have seen a tremendous improvement in my health. I was suffering from horrible lower back pain which was caused by a subluxation. As of my last x-rays, I have seen about an 80 percent improvement in my back. Dr. Young has also helped relieve the pain I was feeling in my jaw due to TMJ. Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia are excellent at what they do and are genuinely concerned about their patients health. I would recommend Intouch Chiropractic to anyone!
vee poffenbarger
vee P.
22:37 24 Feb 14
I recommend Intouch Chiropractic every opportunity I getBefore I saw Dr. Tapia I suffered from random headaches and intense neck/back muscle tension for decades.During my first adjustment I felt blood flow return from head to toes. Dr. Tapia's technique is so gentle, It seems that she breathes on my neck and I'm back in alignment.I've now been headache free for years and the muscle tension is completely gone.Thank you Intouch for changing my life
Michael Lowry
Michael L.
19:18 31 Aug 17
I had sharp and intense hip/shoulder/neck pain for the last year that occasionally made it hard for me to get out of bed and was a daily nuisance to say the least. There was no way I could pick my toddler up and even yoga hurt! I lead a healthy lifestyle and have been to many different chiropractors but my body would not respond to "traditional" methods. Someone suggested I find a Nucca doctor and luckily I did. I have been working with Dr. Young for a couple months now and the pain is virtually gone, and the best part is I can pick up my 2 year old again. The adjustments are very gentle and mild, none of that crazy cracking and twisting stuff. And it totally works!
Teresa Miller
Teresa M.
22:05 19 Jan 17
I have chronic neck pain for many years. I was luck enough to find Intouch Chiropractic. After only 2 months my neck pain is gone and I am sleeping so much better. They have been a miracle for me.
Krista Perry
Krista P.
17:11 02 Sep 18
I started seeing Dr. Young after being hospitalized with severe vertigo that was apparently a new symptom related to years of migraines.After radiograph assessment, it was determined that I had several cervical spine subluxations that were causing compression and poor function of my nervous system in many ways. With regular treatment from Dr. Young, I have started improving my quality of life and have increased range of motion and much less neck pain. My headaches are steadily decreasing in frequency and severity.Jocelyn is amazing and ever helpful - always smiling. These folks are awesome and are flexible to help make appointment changes or things fit when life and work happen!
Lana Bissett
Lana B.
18:02 13 Jul 18
For many years, I suffered from excruciating pain on my body (lower back) which eventually created physical disability and kept me from living the quality life every human being deserves. Throughout this battle, I have reached out to a variety of treatments in numerous sessions; i.e., physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, and Reiki. The treatments were either very temporary or to no satisfying benefit for me.I reached out to NUCCA shortly after my sister-in-law suggested to give it a try. I am currently under the care of Doctor Devin Young, who has, this far, shown me nothing but high expectations in his work. Unlike other appointments, I look forward to meeting my schedules with Dr. Young. The adjustments, as necessary, are gentle and painless. No popping, no twisting, and no cracking. I inherently trust in his practice and expertise. I am convinced that Dr. Young has already impacted my physical well-being in a positive manner. I have faith that in time my body will function the way it was created to be.Dr. Young is phenominal, and along with his Office Manager, Joselyn Trujillo, she is simply amazing with a contagious smile that's uplifting to one's soul. Living healthy...living well is priceless! I am fortunate and grateful to you, Dr. Young. Thank you for your "magic hands" and making a difference. Thank you Intouch Chiropractic!
Dorothy Cedillo
Dorothy C.
01:33 02 Feb 19
Dr. Young will change your life! Old injuries, new injuries, you name it, you’ll feel better. Nothing quite like it!
Mara Caracciolo-Eubank
Mara C.
03:05 18 Dec 18
I could not be more satisfied with my care at Intouch Chiropractic! I experienced shoulder and neck tension for years, often getting massages to manage the pain. I have been seeing Dr. Young for about 5 months and my pain is gone, my posture is better, and I have had several other physical health improvements that feel like an added bonus! Dr. Young clearly cares about his patients and is always extremely personable. He spends time going over every detail of his treatment and answering any and all questions you might have. Joselyn is so incredibly welcoming and I always look forward to chatting with her before appointments. Intouch Chiropractic really is the whole package and I couldn't recommend them highly enough!
Cassandra P
Cassandra P
18:47 30 Jan 19
I have been seeing Dr. Young since I had a car accident. Three months in and I am feeling great. My sciatica pain seems to be relieved. Overall health is improved. I would recommend him and this office to anyone. Thank you
cassandra smith
cassandra S.
17:04 21 Jun 18
I have been treated by chiropractors for at least 10 years now, and although I have never had a bad chiropractor, Dr. Young is the best! I had been dealing with a stiff right ankle from multiple sports indues in high school, and I thought it was something that I would have for the rest of my life since I had dealt with it for so long. My limited range of motion was causing ankle pain, cramps in my calf muscles, and preventing me from doing certain activites. A few chiropractors tried to adjust my ankle, but Dr. Young was the only chiropractor who was able to release the stiffness and improve my range of motion and balance. I first started seeing chiropractors for neck or back issues, but now I see them for everything from the top of my head to my toes. They really can help with everything!!! Thank you Dr. Young for helping my entire body function properly and feel good, especially my ankle.
Danielle Bauman
Danielle B.
17:12 17 Oct 14
My paraplegic daughter was 4'8", now she is about 2" taller and doesn't drag her right leg. My other daughter went from sleeping 4-6 hours a night to 7-8 hours per night. Drs. Tapia and Young have done a great job.
Martha de Forest
Martha de F.
13:15 06 Jul 16
I specifically needed a NUCCA practitioner and was glad to find this place by their great reviews and their central locale! Dr. Young is great, he takes care of me and my boyfriend every week and really gets to the root of the problem. Also front desk extraordinaire Jocelyn is always happy and smiling. Very glad to have found them!
Pinky Blackwell
Pinky B.
18:17 29 Oct 15
Los dos doctores son muy amables y explican el problema de una manera facil de entender. Yo tuve problemas en mi trabajo por una hernia y aqui me explicaron que todo estaba conectado y que el principio de mis problemas venia de mi cuello. En el pasado habia hido a consultas con otros chiropracticos y ninguno me explico esto. Al principio dude de lo que me decian pero...Tenian toda la razon, despues de unas semanas ya no tenia movimiento en mi cuello. Recomiendo a los doctores y a esta oficina al 100%.
Jose Antonio Garcia
Jose Antonio G.
21:57 15 Oct 18
I have been lucky enough to have only encountered quality chiro care through the select few Dr.s I choose to see and Dr. Devin is another amazing example of how your experience should be. InTouch Chiro will set your standard for chiropractic as a part of your proactive and preventative self care. Enjoy.
Sarah Hightower
Sarah H.
21:45 07 May 14
I love the fact that they had a plan for me and kept me informed of their strategy and progress for my health during my entire and ongoing engagement with them. I always get in fast and out fast which I really value. Boths docs are always so friendly and I feel like a partner rather than a patient. Thanks Dr. Young ! -Blake Stock UCSD Medical Center
Blake Stock
Blake S.
16:19 10 May 16
So far so good! Its ahmazing how far I have come and healing is still in progress. I've had better results than when I have been seeing doctor's for an entire year living through hell and being misdiagnosed and pumped full of medications. Nothing helped long term. Ive had so many more good days in just a few months than I had in an entire year of being ill and living half a life. Im on my way to recovery and I'm excited. Thank you to Dr. Young. Jocelyn is great too. Here's to many more good days to come.
Autumn Hoffman
Autumn H.
18:59 17 Aug 17
I have two broken facet joints in my lumbar spine (called spondylolisthesis), and am usually in some level of constant pain. I've had epidurals, nerve injections, and been perscribed countless different narcotics for pain. I've also seen several chiropractors but have never felt comfortable with them manipulating my lower back. A few of them didn't even take any X-rays, which was a clear sign for me to get out.That's why I love Intouch and Dr. Young - they took several X-rays of my spine and wouldn't even adjust me without looking them over. Since starting with them several months ago I have noticed a modest improvement in the pain in my lower back, along with relief in my neck from having mild arthritis. They are so attentive and personable, and they have really worked with me and my insurance company to make this an affordable part of my budget. They also send me plenty of reminders, which is useful for someone who is a bit forgetful! I've already recommended several of my friends to check them out and no one has ever been disappointed.
Sarah Davis
Sarah D.
17:38 11 Feb 14
I was referred my a coworker to go see Dr. Tapia about my neck that has been hurting for over 10 years. In just a short 5 months by headaches have gone away and my necks curve is coming back. Everyone in that office is wonderful and so amazing!!!! I would highly recommend them!!!!
Britney Branson
Britney B.
01:49 09 Jan 18
Prior to visiting Intouch, I'd tried physical therapy, acupuncture, and a few different chiropractors in hopes of relief in what started to be TMJ then progressed to aggressive headaches and neck pain. My first few visits with Dr. Young, I have to admit, I was skeptical of the gentle NUCCA method. However, after coming for a few months, I've noticed drastic improvements in my conditions! In addition to the health advances, Joselyn and Dr. Young are both very personable, and accommodating, making the experience that much more great! Definitely recommend!
Breanna Dowell
Breanna D.
18:20 28 Feb 17
Came to Intouch after suffering a concussion from a fall. NUCCA is different than other chiropractic adjustments. It is so gentle, and incredibly efffective. The Dr. just uses the lightest touch on the side of my head. Nothing is forced, and I really feel relief. Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young are both excellent, and the office is a very pleasant place to visit. Jocelyn handles the desk, appointments, billing. She is an absolute delight, very sweet, and extremely efficient. Even my wife receives treatments, and she typically won't go to a chiropractor. I highly recommend Intouch Chirporactic for excellent healthcare in a very positive, caring way.
Greg Szmania
Greg S.
08:41 04 Aug 17
Highly recommend this place! Such a laid back, professional setting. They are extremely friendly and make you feel very comfortable. I am so glad I found them. My results have been amazing!
Dale Gibbon
Dale G.
19:57 29 May 19
Dr. Young is a very intelligent and approachable chiropractor who has helped me get back on my feet. It is incredibly easy to talk to him and discuss any and all concerns that I have had with my diagnosis and treatment. His staff is professional and a joy to talk to. I always look forward to my appointments and leave feeling better.
Catherine Hooker
Catherine H.
02:52 08 Dec 16
Great environment. The staff is amazing and Dr. Young is the best.
19:27 04 Apr 19
For 19 years I have had sciatica nerve like symptoms and never thought it would go away. A friend at my work told about his chiropractor and nucca. After my first adjustment I did not feel the sciatic problems at all. Also, I could see and breath better as well as run longer without any problems. I feel like a new person and I love not feeling constant pain anymore.
Chris Brooks
Chris B.
01:38 16 Mar 14
Excellent staff and very nice location. Such a great office. Totally recommended.
Cristian Nava- Rodriguez
Cristian Nava- R.
17:34 02 May 18
Dr. Young and his team are the very best! I cannot recommend them highly enough! They have saved my health on many occasions!
Charlotte Rudowicz
Charlotte R.
16:33 23 May 18
Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young are two of the best Chiropractors I have ever had adjust me and my children. I started seeing Dr. Tapia almost a year ago now. I had been having anxiety attacks that were so bad I thought I was going to die. I am so happy to say that I have not had a attack in two months now. Dr. Young has been adjusting my children for the last 5 months. My children have not missed a single day of school. If they have gotten the sign of being sick they were in for a adjustment right away. Within 12 hours they are back to normal. I love these two and feel at hem each time I walk in! Joselyn is the front desk person and makes myself and children feel well taken care of. When it is my turn to get adjusted I don't have a worry in the world I know she is on it. When I need to change appointment she makes it work. I love that this office has the best of both worlds NUCCA for me has changed my life!
Lori Harper
Lori H.
01:07 20 Jun 15
Before I started NUCCA chiropractic, I was your typical moody teen that never got out much. My mom found InTouch and the day of my very first adjustment, on the way home I had told my mom I wanted to go to the mall and go shopping and so we went. Ever since then I have felt myself blossom into a happier, brighter, outgoing young lady. Coming here for the last two 3 years has had such a positive impact on my body and life. It makes my day to greet Joselyn at the front desk every time I come in, and makes me happy to be adjusted by such nice and caring doctors, Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young.
Gianna Cortez
Gianna C.
01:59 27 Jan 17
Great chiropractic clinic! I greatly appreciate the staff:! Dr. Devin is very expert doing precise & gently atlas adjustments His work surpasses 35 yrs traditional chiropractic adjustments. It is much safer to get atlas adjustments. I am very confident I will eventually reach optimum health & well being unlike since birth. I greatly appreciate Joselyn whose warm, compassionate, empathic & nurturing personality really resonates to all their clients, their families & friends. Venue is quiet, peaceful, nurturing & calm.
Karen Eu
Karen E.
06:08 06 Sep 19
I've loved coming here! Joselyn (office manager) is great! She knows everyone by name and so friendly. Dr Young has helped get me back to normal. He actually listens to you and genuinely wants to help. I have nothing but great things to say.
Kelsey Lewis
Kelsey L.
17:57 19 Sep 19
This place is wonderful. The first day Joselyn welcomed me with a big smile and a great additude. Joselyn walked me through the building and explained the areas and what I would be doing in each. I met Dr. young, who was nice and welcoming. Then I was able to do my FREE consult with Dr. Tapia. This is where she explained what NUCCA is and what their treatment plans consist of. She asked questions about my back pain and issues, she answered any and all of my questions. She took the time to understand what’s wrong, why I’m feeling this way, and what the possible treatment plan would look like. I immediately wanted to give it a shot and Dr. Tapia started by taking x-rays and studied my scans over night and scheduled the follow up to talk about my treatment. What’s different about this place vs any normal back pain Dr. is that they take the time and don’t treat you like a number. I’m still in progress with my treatment and feel I’m getting better each time. Yes, there are ups and downs but Dr. Tapia explained everything and why it’s happening and what I should expect. If you have any neck pain, back pain, migraines, etc, I highly recommend coming in for at least the FREE consult. It’s been so worth it to me.
danielle parkhurst
danielle P.
22:49 15 Aug 19
Devin and Jeanett, are both great ppl and amazing doctors. The knowledge between the two of them is limitless. My body has never felt this good, I sleep well at night, I have more energy during the day, my blood sugars are better, and the list seriously goes on. GET adjusted, I never thought I would "need it" but its not about needing, everyone has stress and needs to get adjusted. I HIGHLY recommend these guys.
Irina Velichko
Irina V.
02:22 25 Sep 13
We are so grateful to have met Dr. Young & Dr. Tapia when they were in Texas, for they introduced our family to chiropractic care several years ago. When I first saw them, I had been dependent on Advil Liquigels for pain relief and daily headaches. Within a couple of months of being adjusted regularly, I was headache free. I also had plantar fasciitis. which Dr. Young helped tremendously with. It's amazing how good adjusting your feet and ankles feels! We wish they were still in Texas, and miss their adjustments. We even saw them when we were on vacation in California, what a treat that was!!! Thank you Dr. Tapia & Dr. Young what a blessing you've been!
Jennifer Hovis
Jennifer H.
22:55 19 Jun 15
I am so thankful I found Intouch Chiropractic! They have been a blessing in many ways. Dr. Young's confidence in my body's ability to heal from the very beginning gave me hope, and I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Young is wonderful! He listens and makes you feel like what you're experiencing matters. He is the first doctor I have seen that uses the NUCCA method, and I have to say I'm a believer! At first, I was skeptical because he was so knowledgable about what I had been experiencing without me even telling him. It is obvious he understands how the body functions and how one little problem can cause a cascade of symptoms. I started seeing him for head aches and neck/back pain. I was also at the time experiencing symptoms of fatigue, depression, heart palpitations, and GI issues. After about 4 and a half months my head aches are gone, along with the other symptoms! Jocelyn, the office manager, is also amazing. They are family oriented, too, as my two little boys were welcome from day one. Now, my oldest knows the staff by name! The whole team is great, and I can't wait for my husband to start going soon. I would recommend Intouch Chiropractic!
Savannah Dorris
Savannah D.
22:55 14 Jan 19
Dr. Young me ha ayudado mucho con mi salud. Siempre me escucha atentamente y me atiende pronto. Hace poco me dolía un hombro, me lo ajustó y se me quito el dolor. Tengo años atendiendome aquí y siempre tengo resultados.
Elsa Garza
Elsa G.
20:03 19 Jan 19
If you're considering Dr. Young and Intouch Chiropractic - please go!I've been visiting chiropractors for over 30 years, and it does not get any better than this.Dr. Young combines every winning attribute you could ever want in a chiropractor -- cheery demeanor, caring attitude, extraordinary diagnostic capabilities, phenomenal technical skills, and the patience and expertise to authoritatively answer questions and guide you back to health.But wait, there's more: Joselyn at the front desk has the most wonderful energy and radiant smiles, and the office radiates positive, healing energy.Run, don't walk to see these fabulous professionals!
Amy Snyder
Amy S.
23:04 17 Dec 18
This office has the best upper cervical doctors in towm. Totally recommended.
Sara Martinez
Sara M.
04:45 23 Jun 18
I have had such an amazing experience since coming here. I suffered from headaches almost everyday for several years. I had sought out treatment in so many different forms. When I stopped by their booth I felt for the first time in a long time that they may have an answer for me. They did! I have been headache free since my first visit! I feel like a new person! I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this treasure. My sister, boyfriend and son are all now patients. I will one day get my mom in too. They always make me feel welcome and they care about each one of their patients and want each one to be a symbol of health. Their child care is impeccable too. Dr. Devin takes time to bond with my son and ensure his trust and comfort. My son looks forward to his visits and tells everyone how his scooter skills are enhanced from his visits.
Tawny Renee
Tawny R.
21:32 14 Feb 14
When I first entered Intouch Chiropractic, I was warmly met by Joselyn, who made a great first impression for me. The office has a comfortable and welcoming feeling. Dr. Young is very personable and makes each visit great. He focuses on a form of chiropractic called NUCCA. This upper cervical care is extremely gentle. When an adjustment is required this specific care is different from traditional chiropractic and has none of the stereotypical cracking or popping. I highly recommend Dr. Young and Intouch Chiropractic to anyone looking for help with any health issues or simply to continue to feel great.
Marci Galloway
Marci G.
02:07 19 Mar 18
I started with Intouch Chiropractic last week. Joselyn was very friendly and always welcomes you with a smile. Dr. Young explained everything to me as to my options for treatment. Great atmosphere and I look forward to working with them.
Joanne Scott
Joanne S.
00:21 02 Mar 18
Dr Young has a wonderful talent for "fixing" you without any bones crunching. I have seen other doctors for neck, shoulder and lower back pain. After Dr Young took x-rays and explained his plan for treatment to my husband and I, we were sold on giving his specialty a try. After many years of not getting permanent relief, I am making great progress. Most days I am pain free without medication. I can get back to doing what I love to do: hiking and playing with our grands. Joselyn the receptionist is so kind, cheerful and efficient. I don't even mind driving to Mission Valley knowing what great results I will walk out with!!
Patty Zettel
Patty Z.
19:23 27 Feb 19
I have had diabetes type 2 since 2005. Do to my diabetes I have high blood pressure and kidney problems. I take all kinds of medication which have all kinds of side affects. My husband told me that his chiropractor could help. I told him, " I do have some back problems but how will this help my other problems." Turns out, after my first adjustments my numbers began to improve. I didn't know how it was possible but because my head wasn't on straight blood wasn't going through my body like it should. Now, I can function like a normal person and maybe one day I can ditch the medication.
veronica howard
veronica H.
01:49 16 Mar 14
I could not be happier with Dr. Young & Dr. Tapia and the staff at InTouch Chiropractic. Love the professionalism and attention to detail. Go today and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.
Val Dostalek
Val D.
05:21 27 Oct 15
Dr. Young has a great NUCCA office and I think their facility is very nice and organized very professional.
Len Da P.
19:18 24 May 18
Grateful for Dr. Young on relieving my lower back pain and migraines. Jocelyn is a gem amazing customer service goes over and beyond to help me. Thank you so much
R Ch
R C.
20:26 29 Nov 18
A great team of professionals who are really concerned about your recovery and how to have a better quality of life.
Luciene de Sá Oliveira
Luciene de Sá O.
02:01 08 Aug 17