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Do you suffer from neck pain, back pain, herniated discs, bulging discs or sciatica?

Find out how you can avoid surgery and live drug-free with lasting relief from chronic and acute pain. Spinal Decompression is one of the most effective, non-invasive treatments for back pain that does not require surgery.

Spinal Decompression is a gentle and safe alternative treatment that is approved by the FDA, and used by orthopedic doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, pain specialists, and physical therapists worldwide.  Before Spinal Decompression was available, patient options were limited to pain killers, muscle relaxants, cortisone injections and surgery. We help ease your pain from bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and sciatica. Our proven spine care relief program will get you back on the road to recovery quickly!

Are You a Candidate for Spinal Decompression?

Low back symptoms can range from a mild ache to completely debilitating pain. Ironically, the severity of the pain does not always correlate with…

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You’ve come back to the right place. Our doctors specialize in NUCCA & Upper Cervical Care. Upper cervical simply means upper neck…

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A herniated disc is a disc that ruptures due to trauma. When a disc herniates, the outer shell tears and breaks open, allowing the jelly-like…

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The cushions between our spinal bones are called intervertebral discs. These discs are made up a soft inner core and a tough outer wall…

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Pressure on the sciatic nerve due to a herniated disc, bone spur or spinal stenosis causes pain. The pain typically occurs only on one side of your…

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A “pinched nerve” is the result of damage or injury to a nerve or set of nerves.  This can be due to stretching, compression and constriction by…

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Spinal Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal and occurs most often in the neck and low back. Common symptoms are pain, numbness…

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Get all of your Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Upper Cervical Care and NUCCA questions answered here. Can I adjust myself?…

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