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Many of our patients have been to many doctors, chiropractors, and healthcare specialists before they come in to see us. They feel frustrated and a bit hopeless. Can’t blame them. It’s exhausting to go from one healthcare provider to the next without getting any real solutions. During your initial consultation, our doctors will take notes of your health history including what you have already tried. If we feel we can help you, we’ll tell you. If we feel we can’t help you, we’ll tell you that too and refer you to another specialist.

Our clinic focuses on NUCCA Care, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and Knee Rehabilitation exclusively. Our services are different and unique. We feel confident in saying that we offer state-of-the-art patient care that is tailored to your individual needs. This powerful combination of treatments is effective and gentle. Our goal is to deliver clinical results while making every single one of your office visits enjoyable and easy. Our team is ready to help you get back on track.

San Diego’s Best NUCCA Chiropractors

San Diego chiropractors Dr. Devin Young and Dr. Jeanett Tapia specialize in the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association’s (NUCCA) protocols. NUCCA is a gentle, scientific and specific form of spinal care that does not require any cracking, popping, or twisting of your spine. Less than 300 providers practice NUCCA worldwide, and it is considered a specialty within the chiropractic profession. Our doctors use this unique approach to remove stress from your spine to help you with symptoms such as migraines, headaches, vertigo, TMJ problems, neck pain, back pain, sciatica and post-concussion syndrome.

A NUCCA adjustment focuses on the first bone in your neck, also known as atlas or C1. This area of you spine is the most neurologically important part of your back. A controlled contact and a gentle touch to the first bone in the neck is made to restore balance to the spine. Although the primary focus of the correction is the neck, the adjustment influences the entire spine restoring body balance.

San Diego Spinal Decompression Doctors

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a non-invasive alternative that has FDA clearance for the treatment of low back pain and sciatica due to disc herniations, degenerative disc disease and posterior facet syndrome. This treatment option provides an alternative to taking pain medications, muscle relaxants and having cortisone injections. Ultimately, most patients want to avoid back surgery altogether. Our San Diego chiropractors provide relief for chronic neck and back pain, disc bulges, disc herniations, pinched nerves, degenerative disc and joint disease, spinal stenosis and sciatica. This state-of-the-art technology is gentle and non-surgical. Most of our patients take the time during their session to fully relax and even take a short nap. Our proven spinal care relief program will get you back on track quickly!

Gentle & Effective Knee Rehabilitation Program

Don’t let osteoarthritis keep you from the activities you love. Living with knee pain can be extremely debilitating. Our doctors go beyond treating your pain and symptoms to focus on long-term knee health by providing you with a personalized rehabilitation programs to improve your quality of life. Are your knees sore in the morning? Does knee pain keep you from doing activities you love? Do you frequently take pain medication for knee pain? Has your doctor recommended knee replacement surgery? Our San Diego chiropractors have extensive training in knee health, and are here to help. Let’s get you back on your feet, going up and down the stairs, and walking with ease.

Are you ready for expert help? Call our office today at (619) 313-5403 or request an appointment here. Serving the metro San Diego area, in southern California.

Powerful Treatment Protocols

We understand how difficult it is to live with chronic health conditions that interfere with your social life as well as your work life. Your pain not only impacts you, but also your time with friends and family. We recognize that you are tired and uncertain of the future. In many cases, pain can overshadow all aspects of life. Our doctors provide answers to your health questions, and guide you back to a better quality of life as quickly as possible. We take the time to get to know you and provide tailored recommendations just for you. It’s not uncommon for patients to report that they have seen a dozen other providers before they stepped into our office.

The Latest Technology in Patient Care

lower back pain intouch chiropractic san diego nucca spinal decompressionChronic Lower Back Pain Relief
It’s common to treat back pain with painkillers. Our San Diego chiropractors provide relief for back pain with non-invase NUCCA Spinal Care and NSSD.

herniated disc pain intouch chiropractic san diego nucca spinal decompressionHerniated & Bulging Discs
Natural pain relief for herniated and bulging disc injuries. We offer gentle, non-surgical solutions for both neck and low back disc injuries in San Diego.

sciatica intouch chiropractic san diego nucca spinal decompression 2Sciatica Treatment & Solutions
Our chiropractors provide relief for sciatica symptoms such as pain, tingling, numbness or muscle weakness in the affected buttocks, thigh, leg or foot.

spinal stenosis intouch chiropractic san diego nucca spinal decompressionSpinal Stenosis Symptoms
Central canal stenois is a narrowing of the spinal canal which houses the spinal cord. You can have stenosis or narrowing in other parts of your back.

chronic neck pain intouch chiropractic san diego nucca spinal decompressionChronic Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain
You’ve come to right place! Our chiropractors are head and neck experts specializing on the health of the upper neck also known as the cervical spine.

degenerative disc disease intouch chiropractic san diego nucca spinal decompressionDegenerative Disc Disease
Is it a matter of age? Sometimes. Degenerative Disc Disease occurs naturally and progressively, but can also be accelerated by injuries to the discs.

migraine headache intouch chiropractic san diego nucca spinal decompressionMigraine Treatment & Headache Relief

NUCCA Spinal Care is a gentle procedure that realigns atlas, taking pressure off the brainstem. Our chiropractors have specialized training in this spinal area.

Knee Pain Rehabilitationknee pain rehabilitation intouch chiropractic san diego nucca decompression
A misaligned knee can create significant pain. We help patients walk better, move better, and go up and downstairs with ease.

chiropractor san diego intouch chiropractic nucca spinal decompression

The Intouch Chiropractic Difference

What Makes Us Unique?
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Based on 223 reviews
So thankful for the team at Intouch Chiropractic. Their customer service, professionalism and treatment has been so amazing. Highly recommend!!!
Noemi Flores
Noemi F.
00:22 03 Aug 21
The doctors are knowledgeable, personable and extremely helpful in determining the correct procedures for each patient. My neck pain and numbness are all but gone after the treatments. The office staff is terrific and I’d suggest this office, and the NUCCA process, to anyone who hasn’t found relief elsewhere.
Susane Matlock
Susane M.
01:17 20 Oct 21
I used to go to chiropractors and get my neck and back crack and supposedly "adjusted"for years. I will never do that again. I had no idea the kind of damage it was doing to my body. A girlfriend of mine told me about NUCCA And I found Intouch Chiropractic. They have helped me so much with neck pain, shoulder pain. I couldn't move my left arm in a circle and I had pain. In 3 months my shoulder pain is gone and I can move it around pluse my neck pain is 80% better. I still have some work to do but I can't tell you the amount of stress has disappeared due to fixing the problems and not masking it. I'm very grateful for Intouch Chiropractic.💜 Definitely going to keep going.
19:24 29 Nov 21
I've absolutely loved my experience switching from my standard chiropractic to NUCCA. It has really helped with my assorted issues. I love my doctors, they really know what they are doing and I feel personally cared for. And the office staff gals are the best! Super friendly and fun and I really feel at home here in this practice. Not going anywhere!
Susie Stogsdill
Susie S.
19:21 24 Oct 21
Finding Dr Young and NUCCA has been life changing for me. NUCCA is incredible in and of itself, but it is Dr Young and his team that really make it extraordinary. They are professional, kind, and compassionate people. They really take the time to get to know you and work alongside you to help you reach your health goals. Dr Young is highly skilled and he and his front office staff are truly just great human beings. I would give them 100 stars if I could!
Brandi Moreland
Brandi M.
21:08 24 Oct 19
This is my second time reviewing Intouch chiropractic. They were extremely helpful in everyway and the treatment made a world of difference! Unfortunately, I relocated in the middle of my treatments. Without hesitation, Jocelyn, not only gave me a prorated refund but sent a handwritten thank you card. You will not find better customer service! I would highly recommend Intouch Chiropractic to even my closest friends and family.
Brian Londono
Brian L.
14:20 29 Mar 21
Great upper cervical chiropractic clinic. They are all very friendly and professional. Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia are both experts in their fields and I have made good progress in their care. The x-rays that they take are very clear and they take more than just one or two - more like 8-10 maybe more. It was nice to see what has been causing me so much pain. I highly recommend them.
Karen Brummet
Karen B.
21:18 01 Jul 20
Dr. Young is amazing! He takes the time to listen to each patient’s needs and walks them through their care plan. The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended.
Edgar Tapia
Edgar T.
00:14 10 Mar 21
Completely healed my chronic neck problem would recommend 100%
nathan smith
nathan S.
19:23 03 Sep 20
Intouch is my go-to place for chiropractic. They are caring, professional, and highly skilled. There is no neck cracking, just precise X-rays and a light adjustment that you barely feel - but definitely notice the change afterwards. What more could you ask for? This goes beyond pain - I just feel better overall afterwards. I have been to many chiropractic offices in the past. While each offers their own benefit, I have to say Intouch is probably my top choice.
Justin Keffer
Justin K.
00:50 22 Feb 20
They do great work and adjustments! Would recommend to anyone having cervical issues. The ladies at the front are so welcoming and friendly I always look forward to my next visit.
Dante Angulo
Dante A.
22:23 16 Nov 20
So far good results. On my second visit. Will post as I progress on future visits. Thank you
eduardo calderon
eduardo C.
01:48 11 Aug 20
I absolutely love Dr. Young and the staff at Intouch Chiropractic. The power of NUCCA still amazes me - my frequent migraines have subsided and in general, my body seems to be functioning at a higher level. I feel like I have a new lease on life! Do yourself and your body a favor by trying this pain-free method of adjustment, there is truly nothing to lose and so much to gain!
Jen Cague
Jen C.
00:31 03 Nov 20
I've dealt with chronic neck pain for over 2 years. Intouch diagnosed my issue using x-rays and I had my first treatment the first day I walked in. It's only been about 1 month now and can feel encouraging improvement. Intouch has helped increase my quality of life. Don't hesitate to call and set an appointment. When you walk in you will be met by Sharon and Jocelyn, who make you feel like you're out with a couple of friends. Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young help you understand where your pain is coming from and are with you every step of the way. If you're reading this, call. Soon you'll be giving you're 5 star review as well.
Brian Londono
Brian L.
02:10 23 Jul 20
Dr Young, Dr.Tapia, and Jocelyn are warm and inviting people.They really take care of you. Very personable in how they do things at there office. The facility is top notch. I would recommend anyone to see how there system works and try it. It's hard for me to express myself about how they treat you. It's so wonderful. Thank you all at Intouch Chiropractic.Your the bestEdwin Fowler
edwin fowler
edwin F.
22:22 05 Mar 20
I’ve been to many chiropractic care for my lower back sciatica problems and no one seemed to help except doctor young. If only i knew of this place before hand, i would’ve felt better a long time ago. I injured my back a year ago causing me to have my L5 disc bulging hitting my sciatic nerve. I’ve had 2 flare ups within that year so i felt fragile. Couldn’t do certain workouts or activities which made me feel helpless. I’m very active and love to do outdoors activities such as running, jump roping and other types of workouts. After the first adjustment, i can already feel the difference. I slept better at night, my posture is better and I’m getting my strength back overall. I’m so thankful that Dr. Young provides workouts for you to strengthen your lower back. He also does progress reports which helps you see your progress. That’s what i loved coz he wants to see you progress and get better. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!
Viankarla Conora
Viankarla C.
17:35 04 Nov 20
I've been coming here for neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain after a regular chiropractor hurt me even more. These doctors don't crunch your bones like regular chiropractors do. The doctors at Intouch Chiropractic align your neck with the rest of your body to alleviate all your pains. I've felt better focus, less headaches and better digestion as well as less titinus and of course my other pains I mentioned earlier have receded significantly. But make sure you also supplement your body with the the right Vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to help your body heal more efficiently. In my case I was iron and vitamin D deficient, as well as other minerals, and once I started supplying my body with the right supplements along with Intouch Chiropractic care, my body started healing much faster. So do some bloodwork to see your deficiencies and go to Intouch Chiropractic and I promise you won't regret it.
Elizabeth Bravo
Elizabeth B.
23:20 26 May 21
Starting care with Intouch Chiropractic has been a game changer for me. I've struggled with migraines and TMJ since I was young and have finally found relief. Dr Young and Dr Tapia are amazing and Jocelyne, the office manager, is always greeting you with so much joy. They truly just want their patients to feel their best.
Lauren Weidley
Lauren W.
00:41 18 Feb 20
Intouch has saved my life!!!!!! Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia are hands down the best. Suffered from Severe migraines, to the point where I couldn’t function for a few days. Tried everything else out there and decided to try them after I met Dr Tapia. Long story short they are a big part of my life and I am migraine free!!!!! Wouldn’t be where I’m at today in my career with out them. Joselyn is always so happy! Puts a smile on my face every time I come in. thank you all very much!
Kevin McKean
Kevin M.
01:25 12 Mar 20
I have been suffering from neck pain due to pinch nerve for a few years and recently the pain have become worse and I finally decided to seek chiropractic help. I was able to get an appointment with Dr Young right on the same day when I called the front desk, Joselyn, who has been very helpful in coordinating my appointment and the following visits based on my working schedules. I was very impressed by Dr young ability to identify the cause of the pain and address all my questions and concerns. He took an x-ray on the same day and have the results and complete treatments plans ready the next day. Then Dr. Tapia started performing NUCCA adjustment to help with my alignment and also put me on neck decompression machine to alleviate the pinch nerve while promote healing to the surrounding tissues. Dr Tapia cares a lot for her patients. She is very attentive to details while performing adjustment, always encouraging and provide great comfort to the patients here. It has been only a month since I started my treatment here and I have noticed major improvement on my neck. The tingling sensations of my hands are gone and the range of movement of my neck has improved. I am confident that under the professional care of Dr Tapia, Dr. Young and Joselyn I will be fully recovered from my chronic neck pain. They genuinely care for their patients, believe in what they do, and great at their profession. These makes Intouch Chiropractic a great place for chiropractic treatment!
Lih N
Lih N
22:44 24 Apr 20
I came across Intouch Chiropractic through an ad on Facebook. In which I'm so glad I did! I have a really serious back Injury and severe scoliosis. So, I've been to my fair share of Chiropractors. This is honestly THE BEST chiropractic office I've ever experienced. Dr Tapia and Dr young are incredible! As well as their front desk assistant. They are all so friendly and welcoming. Dr Tapia has been treating me, and I've never had such caring chiropractor! Before she started treating me she carefully took the time to study all my x-rays, mri's etc. U like a ton of other chiropractors, they just don't seem to care as much. I will forever be a client. They truly make you feel like family! I highly recommend them to everyone!
Bruna Araujo
Bruna A.
01:32 15 Oct 19
I love going to Intouch Chiropractic. It's increased my mobility, decreased pain in my hip joints, and made life a lot easier on my body. These people know their stuff and the staff is super friendly! Been going to them for the past 3 years and don't see myself stopping.
Felix Stekolshchik
Felix S.
18:07 29 Jul 20
Dr. Tapia was so caring and really took time to listen to me. Nucca treatments are very gentle, completely different than any other chiropractic treatments. I have noticed a big improvement in just 2 weeks. I’ve been to many different chiropractors over the years and I would recommend everyone try this chiropractic care even if other chiropractors have not been successful in alleviating your pain.
Shemaiah Barton
Shemaiah B.
00:13 29 Jan 21
Great chiropractor and staff. I highly recommend going here for treatment. The staff will explain each step of the way from the consultation, initial physical exam, x-ray, adjustment, physical training and stretching exercises that can be done at home.
Patrick S.
Patrick S.
20:21 23 Jun 21
Dr. Tapia’s energy resonated through my healing process. I can fly again. Without a doubt recommend them, best in the area. And the office staff are phenomenal. I would give all the stars in the universe.
Suhail Khan
Suhail K.
06:35 24 Jun 21
Drastically improved neck. No more neck pain, I wont need surgery anymore! Dr. Young is great at keeping me in shape. Great location and superb service! I recommend these guys, check them out!
Stephen Scott
Stephen S.
18:22 20 Mar 19
The best experience 'EVER"! Dr. Tapia & Dr. Young are very knowledgeable & they explain every step of the way! I have so many more "good" days, without pain & discomfort! Thank you! 🙂
Connie Cummings
Connie C.
23:22 04 Aug 20
I was always really nervous about chiropractic care. Scared of maybe injuring my back and even more.The quality of the care at this place, set my mind at ease. This place is amazing! They really cater to the needs of every individual patient. After a few weeks my back feels stronger and I feel an all around shift in the way my body feels walking around. Plus the people at front desk are so friendly and fun to walk in to.
Brandon Castro
Brandon C.
02:02 16 Feb 21
For over 25 years I have suffered with chronic daily headaches, migraines and neck pain. I have tried numerous treatments such as acupunture, traditional chiropractors and medication with no results. With Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young's knowledge and expertise I no longer have daily headaches! My neck pain as a result of 3 previous accidents is gone. Both Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young are extremely caring, personable and go the extra steps to ensure their patients' well-being. I'm very grateful for the healing I have experienced which has allowed me to enjoy a more active lifestyle.In addition, the office staff is very friendly and welcoming. They are accommodating and flexible with scheduling which I appreciate since I live 75 minutes from the office.I highly recommend Intouch Chiropractic!
Kathy Schuett
Kathy S.
21:44 31 Oct 21
Great chiropractic clinic! I greatly appreciate the staff:! Dr. Devin is very expert doing precise & gently atlas adjustments His work surpasses 35 yrs traditional chiropractic adjustments. It is much safer to get atlas adjustments. I am very confident I will eventually reach optimum health & well being unlike since birth. I greatly appreciate Joselyn whose warm, compassionate, empathic & nurturing personality really resonates to all their clients, their families & friends. Venue is quiet, peaceful, nurturing & calm.
Karen Eu
Karen E.
06:08 06 Sep 19
I’ve been a patient at InTouch for 3 years and the doctors there have taken such great care of me. They have flexible scheduling and are always on time. Having both chronic back issues as well as an autoimmune disorder, consistent chiropractic, especially NUCCA, has helped my overall health and well-being tremendously.
Amy Obenauer
Amy O.
02:21 11 Jun 21
I've loved coming here! Joselyn (office manager) is great! She knows everyone by name and so friendly. Dr Young has helped get me back to normal. He actually listens to you and genuinely wants to help. I have nothing but great things to say.
Kelsey Lewis
Kelsey L.
17:57 19 Sep 19
Intouch Chiropractic is amazing! Very happy my search for an honest and professional Chiropractor is over. All the staff are extremely knowledgeable and at the same time very down to earth, which makes this office extra special. Thank you Intouch Chiropractic for going above and beyond!
CC Sandefur
20:18 23 Jun 21
Intouch Chiropractic is a wonderful practice. I have had experience with chiropractors before and Intouch has a drastically different approach to chiropractic adjustments than any other chiropractor I've been to before. Intouch chiropractic is especially beneficial in my case where the rough adjustments of traditional chiropractics could cause more harm then good. I highly recommend them especially if you have any sort of disability that would make traditional chiropractics hazardous.
Curtis Lavallee
Curtis L.
20:38 28 Jul 21
I went in to see the dr.s at Intouch Chiropractic because I had a lot of stiffness and tension in my neck. After 20 visits I do not have it any more, and I have a few unexpected side effects such as, an increase in movement in my cervical vertebra, better posture and better digestion.
Mrs.Shari Dunbar
Mrs.Shari D.
21:51 09 Mar 20
This wonderful place saved my life. Dr. Tapia and Young are excellent people. They’re very dedicated to their practice. Dr. Tapia is passioned of what she does. She likes to get to the bottom and roots of your health problems. I was suffering from dizziness, symptoms, balance problems and she was able to correct most of them including migraines. It’s amazing how she was able to find diagnosis that typical doctors overlook. The staff is amazing, Joselyn is great at customer service, she’s very efficient and dedicated to her job making sure that patients are well take care of. I fully recommend this place.
Monica Sallay
Monica S.
15:56 14 Oct 19
My experience with Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia has overall been first class, from the outset the care and attention, willingness to break things down and explain things relatively simple has made me feel at ease throughout. Their personal skills and knowledge is incredible. The facility itself is immaculate and spacious. Both admin girls at the front desk are very welcoming and accommodating. The energy and vibe from all who work there is infectious. I would highly recommend this practice, which covers a broad range of services.
Sean Kinahan
Sean K.
19:29 30 Jun 20
This place changed my life. I hurt myself at work and went through 2 years of worker’s compensation care. The told me I would never get better. I came to Intouch and have improved sooooo much. I can use my shoulder again.
Lindsay Ward
Lindsay W.
03:17 03 Mar 20
I’d never had chiropractic work done before. This experience has made the process so easy. Friendly doctors and staff. Great care and concern for everyone.
22:47 01 Feb 21
I love this place. Everyone knows you by your name and they always make you feel welcomed. The doctor and his staff are very friendly and very helpful. I know I'm gonna be 100% at the end of my therapies. I highly recommend Intouch Chiropractic.
Michelle Reyes
Michelle R.
05:54 11 Aug 20
I had been dealing with lower back and hip flexor pain for 10 years. I had been through many physical therapy treatment plans, followed different workout plans, and did every stretch and program that was recommended. Each of which I did consistently for months, not just a couple days. I had zero relief. Dr. Young introduced me to Nucca chiropractic care; after my first visit the pain had subsided dramatically. Within 1 week of adjustments, not only did I feel great with no pain, but I was able to lift heavier, train harder, and recover better without any negative side effects as had been happening for years. I cycle an average of 10 hours per week; my power balance had been 53/47 for years. After less than 1 month of seeing Dr Young my power balance is now consistently at 51/49; if you cycle you know that’s a significant difference. I also feel significantly better on the bike, even on back to back days over 4-5 hours per day. I can’t express the gratitude that I have for Dr Young. Go see Dr Young; his care has been a blessing to me, and I’m confident you’ll feel the same. Thank you Dr Young!
Natasha Shahravesh
Natasha S.
02:51 26 Mar 21
Highly recommend this place! Such a laid back, professional setting. They are extremely friendly and make you feel very comfortable. I am so glad I found them. My results have been amazing!
Dale Gibbon
Dale G.
19:57 29 May 19
I love Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia, they’re amazing doctors. I’ve been going to their office for over 2 years now and thanks to them I can walk around mostly pain free. Due to a bone condition I cannot have common chiropractic treatments so NUCCA saved my life! Thank you doctors for your expertise and commitment!
idma Kurtz
idma K.
01:48 16 Sep 20
I am early in the process but feel I am already making progress. I had horrible neck and head pain. Dr Young explains everything and his findings mirrored what I was feeling. Have had treatments and already feeling better. I have had nerve ablation and shots that didn’t help so glad I found something non surgical that might help.
Cindy Fender
Cindy F.
20:29 25 Mar 21