What Is a Cold or Flu, Exactly?

Boost your health naturally. The cold & flu season is here. Is your  body working at 100%? Your body has the amazing power to take care of you and keep you from getting sick. The key is giving it the proper support.

Cold and flu symptoms are a set of symptoms that your body displays as it tries to clean house of invaders. Symptoms appear as your body’s defense system goes to work and tries to kill off bacteria and viruses. Symptoms are the body’s normal response kicking the immune system into high gear. Cold and flu symptoms are your body’s natural response. and are typically temporeary and not life-threatening.

“Is your body working at 100%?”

An Interesting Piece of Chiropractic History

Over a century ago, chiropractors helped save thousands of lives during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. It’s an interesting piece of history. Many patients that were given up on were treated by chiropractors and survived. Although we can’t draw direct conclusions, when your nervous system is compromised, all of your systems including your immune system are compromised. Chiropractors remove interference from the nervous system through chiropractic adjustments, which influences how your body functions physiologically.  If you have 5 minutes, watch this youtube video from Dr. Dan Murphy on this interesting piece of history.

If we support the nervous system through proper spinal function and alignment, we ultimately support and strengthen all body systems.

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