Bulging Discs Cause Back Pain


Bulging Disc vs. Herniated Disc Bulging discs cause back pain. It can be confusing to know the difference between a bulging disc, herniated disc, slipped disc, collapsed disc, ruptured dics, sequestered disc, etc. The good news is that despite the terminology confusion, they have many things in common. If you’ve [...]

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Lower Back Pain Diagnosis and Treatment


Chronic Lower Back Pain Chronic lower back pain is very common. Our low back is responsible for supporting the weight of our upper body. It also provides mobility for everyday movements such as bending and twisting. Low back muscles are responsible for flexing and rotating the hips while we walk, [...]

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Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment


Degenerative Disc Disease Diagnosis Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment. Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is diagnosed via a combination of a health history, physical examination and radiographic imaging. If needed, MRI can be utilized to diagnose and distinguish between a bulging disc, herniated disc, or sequestered disc. It is important to make [...]

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Natural Approach to Preventing Back Pain in San Diego, CA


Natural Approach to Preventing Back Pain Natural approach to preventing back pain. Eight out of 10 people will experience back pain in their lifetime. Back pain can feel sharp, piercing, burning or as a dull ache. Lower back pain may travel into the legs and feet with symptoms of numbness, [...]

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Facet Syndrome | Neck and Back Pain


What is Facet Syndrome? Facet Syndrome is friction between spinal bones resulting in tenderness, swelling, stiffness and pain. Persistent, chronic pain in your spine is often linked to facet syndrome. In patients over 50 years of age, facet syndrome is usually caused by normal wear and tear. In younger patients, [...]

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Spinal Stenosis Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


Spinal Stenosis Causes, Symptoms, Treatment What Is Spinal Stenosis? Spinal stenosis is a health condition that affects the abnormal narrowing of your spinal canal. This narrowing directly impacts the amount of space your spinal cord and nerve roots have in the spinal canal. As spinal stenosis progresses, your spinal cord [...]

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Intervertebral Disc Herniation (IVDH)


There are 4 Stages of a Intervertebral Disc Herniation Intervertebral Disc Herniation (IVDH) most commonly occurs in the cervical and lumbar spine. Here are the 4 stages that cause this condition: Disc Degeneration: During this stage, no bulging or herniation occurs. The nucleus pulposus (center of the disc) weakens due [...]

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Causes of Degenerative Disc Disease


What is Degenerative Disc Disease? There are many causes of Degenerative Disc Disease. In young and healthy people, spinal discs provide height between the vertebra and allow us to bend, flex, and twist our spine. Our discs act like shock absorbers between our spinal bones and help us stay flexible. [...]

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