San Diego Whiplash Experts


Get Treatment Right Away San Diego Whiplash Experts | Get Care Right Away. Getting Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care after a whiplash injury, especially a motor vehicle crash, is critical. The first couple of days after an injury, give your doctor the most insight into your condition and possible long-term outcomes. [...]

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3 Common Conditions San Diego Chiropractors Help


Chiropractic Helps with a Variety of Conditions Our San Diego chiropractors are trained to treat a variety of conditions. However, one of the things we love about chiropractic is that we truly see the patient holistically. We don’t believe patients just have a knee problem, or a neck problem, or [...]

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Health Solutions for Ménière’s Disease


The Connection Between Ménière’s disease and Atlas Subluxation Health Solutions for Ménière’s Disease. You have 7 vertebrae in your neck, C1 - C7. Your head sits directly on Atlas, also known as C1, and is the first bone in your neck. Your head weighs between 10-15 pounds, and sits on [...]

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3 Ways San Diego Chiropractors Help


Patient Seek Care: 3 Ways San Diego Chiropractors Help There are many reasons why patients choose to see a chiropractor in San Diego. Many patients see us for relief for headaches, neck pain, low back pain, vertigo, dizziness, migraines and advanced neurological problems. However, more and more patients are seeing [...]

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Trigeminal Neuralgia Help


Trigeminal Neuralgia is Painful Trigeminal Neuralgia Help! Trigeminal neuralgia "attacks" are known to be one of the most intense types of facial pain. In fact, Trigeminal Neuralgia, TN, is often called the suicide disease. Episodes include bursts of excruciating pain on one side of the face (typically along the distribution [...]

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Chronic Headache Relief in San Diego


Chronic Headache Relief with NUCCA Care A retrospective study looked at chronic headache relief with NUCCA Care. Research supports that cervicogenic headaches are common when a patient has suffered trauma to their an upper neck. NUCCA protocols focus on the upper neck and atlas misalignment. The study focused on improvement in [...]

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