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Vertigo is a false sense that you or your surroundings are moving. Patients report lying still in bed and feeling that the room is spinning. This condition is oftentimes confused with dizziness, a sense of unsteadiness, or lightheadedness. Natural vertigo treatment is available. Our doctors are vertigo specialists and can help you get the care you need.

Vertigo is commonly accompanied by nausea, ringing in the ears, trouble walking, and visual disturbances. Episodes can last from minutes to hours and may come and go for years or be constantly present. Many patients have had extensive diagnostic procedures and have been referred to a neurologist before they seek our care for relief and Vertigo Treatment in San Diego.

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Common Treatments for Vertigo

Oftentimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of vertigo, and patients are often prescribed over-the-counter and prescription medications such as antibiotics, antihistamines, motion-sickness medications and tranquilizers to ease the symptoms. For many patients, vertigo impacts their life 24 hours a day. A canalith repositioning procedure is oftentimes recommended, and surgery is left as a last resort.

It’s common for patients to hear that they “will have to learn to live with it,” and it’s simply not true as vertigo treatment has been possible for many of our patients in San Diego.

How We Help Cervicogenic Vertigo in Mission Valley

Research suggests that there is a link between traumas such as concussion and whiplash with vertigo. Vertigo originating from neck dysfunction is known as cervicogenic vertigo. Following a car accident or trauma to the head, it can be difficult to connect the symptoms to the trauma because it sometimes can take months to years to develop vertigo.

NUCCA Care focuses on restoring proper alignment of your upper cervical spine, or upper neck, reducing irritation to the nerves that trigger cervicogenic vertigo.

Vertigo Treatment San DiegoThe Connection Between Your Vertigo and Your Neck

One of the common causes of vertigo is connected to your neck. The first bone of the neck, C1, is also known as atlas. When your atlas is knocked out of alignment, it can cause a variety of neurological symptoms because it sits at the level of your brainstem. When your atlas is out of place, your head can tilt to one side, one shoulder can be higher than the other, and your pelvis can twist and distort. It’s easy to check your postural distortions in the mirror. When your neck is out of place, it affects your entire body. This structural imbalance causes your body to be off center (off the vertical axis) and can be one of the causes of vertigo. This type of vertigo is called cervicogenic vertigo.

NUCCA Treats Vertigo Effectively

Atlas subluxation can irritate your vestibulocochlear nerve, your 8th cranial nerve. This is important because your 8th cranial nerve controls your sense of balance and originates in the upper neck. The top bones of your neck protect this delicate part of your central nervous system.

Our doctors have expert experience in treating cervicogenic vertigo. It is common for patients to report prior whiplash and head trauma during their initial consultation. Upper cervical chiropractic care offers you a natural solution without drugs or surgery, and many patients get relief after every type of treatment has failed. Our vertigo doctors are specialists and can help you. If you’re in the Mission Valley, we can help get your vertigo under control!

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For 25 years, I suffered from severe migraines vertigo and a general sense of weakness at the base of my skull. I have done much holistic and western medicine, but most had side effects. Over the past year of Nucca treatments with both Drs, I have found relief! Yes, it takes time, but both Dr. Young & Dr. Tapia are gentle, patience and will never give up on you!