Are you tired of suffering with vertigo? Are you looking for vertigo relief naturally? We totally understand. We see so many patients that have been suffering with vertigo for months and sometimes even years. Check out Alex’s story here:

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It took a lot for Alex to trust us, considering what he had been through. We are grateful that he did!

Atlas is the top bone in your neck, also known as C1. It sits right under your skull. When atlas is knocked out of place, it can  cause many neurological disturbances, including dizziness and vertigo. Your head tilts to one side, one shoulder is higher than the other, and your pelvis twists and distorts when you have a misaligned atlas. This structural misalignment causes your body to be off center, causing an array of health problems

Atlas subluxation can irritate the vestibulo-cochlear nerve, the 8th cranial nerve. This cranial nerve originates at the level of the brainstem and controls your sense of balance. Your brainstem is a continuation of the brain and lives inside of the upper neck bones. The top bones in your neck protect this delicate part of your central nervous system.

Get checked out by an upper cervical chiropractor, as there is definitive evidence that whiplash and head trauma can cause vertigoNUCCA and upper cervical chiropractic care offers a natural solution without drugs or surgery. Many of our patients get relief after every other type of treatment has failed. 

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