How Your Head and Neck Affect Your Jaw

Upper cervical care is extremely specific in returning the head and neck to a more neutral position with gentle adjustments. There is an intimate connection between the temporomandibular joints and the upper neck and skull. The upper jaw is attached to your skull making up 50% of the temporomandibular joint. Upper neck misalignments and TMJ disorders are equally linked to trauma, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, facial pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

Temperomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain Affects More Than Your Bite

ICCMO, a society of specialized neuromuscular dentists, endorses NUCCA Chiropractic doctors to help balance the bite and alleviate TMJ symptoms bring about TMJ Pain Relief. We work together with your dentist to make sure your head, neck and bite are aligned solving a Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction.

TMJ Disorders affect how you bite, chew, drink, talk, swallow, etc. The two temperomandibular joints are located on either side of your mouth, near your ears, and act like a hinge between your upper and lower jaw.

When these joints become misaligned, it causes incredible pain and a host of symptoms like neck pain, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, vision loss, eye pain and hearing loss.

By the time someone comes in for a consultation in our office, they have oftentimes seen many specialists, and are still searching for TMJ pain relief and  help with their malocclusion symptoms. Let’s do a quick test together during this video…

TMJ Pain Relief – Our NUCCA Doctors Specialize in Helping TMJ Patients

It is virtually impossible to have a balanced bite when your head is not on straight. Yes, you read that right!

Our NUCCA | Upper Cervical Care doctors literally get your head on straight which helps the biomechanics of your jaw and improves your bite. Our doctors are experts in their field helping patients with TMJ symptoms with great results and TMJ pain relief We co-manage your care with your dental professional from day one.

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get relief for tmj symptoms in san diego nucca upper cervical care nucca chiropractor near meYour Head Tilt Affects Your Bite

Our doctors recommend that you get treatment for your head tilt before you are fitted for braces, retainer or night guard. Otherwise, your head tilt will be locked in place by the appliance in your mouth (especially if it is a permanent orthotic).

If you already had braces as a kid, have a permanent retainer, night guard, or had jaw surgery in the past, get checked by an upper cervical doctor if you are experiencing shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, vertigo or TMJ symptoms. Getting your neck stable will be critical in stabilizing your jaw.

We recommend making an appointment with your dentist, orthodontist, or neuromuscular dentist to ensure that any retainers or appliances are refitted a couple weeks after beginning upper cervical care. The position of your head and neck will have shifted. Make sure to get an occlusal tune-up with your dentist to make sure that yur body posture and your bite are working together instead of against each other. Your ability to hold your adjustments and have less symptoms are directly related to having a properly fitted oral appliance.

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InTouch Chiropractic  Review   InTouch Chiropractic    
Prior to visiting Intouch, I had tried physical therapy, acupuncture, and a few different chiropractors in hopes of relief in what started to be TMJ then progressed to aggressive headaches and neck pain. My first few visits with Dr. Young, I have to admit, I was skeptical of the gentle NUCCA method. However, after coming for a few months, I've noticed drastic improvements in my conditions.

In addition to the health advances, Joselyn and Dr. Young are both very personable, and accommodating, making the experience that much more great.

Definitely recommend!