Can You Improve Poor Posture?

Can you improve your posture just by thinking about it- does curiosity cure? Unfortunately not, however,  NUCCA helps correct posture.

You can’t correct posture by just thinking about it. Your posture is controlled by reflexes. Most people have the perception that their posture is a habit. That they can control their posture. In fact, we have often heard, “don’t slouch, sit up straight, work on your posture.” But let’s think about this, you work on it, forget about it, and find yourself slouching again.

Signs You have Poor Posture

There are many indicators of poor posture. These are the most common:

  • hunched shoulders,
  • rounded upper back,
  • forward head carriage,
  • arched lower back, and
  • back pain.

Factors that Contribute to Poor Posture 

There are several common factors linked to poor posture:

Correct Posture and Your Nervous System

Your nervous system regulates muscle tone in your body. It does this by sensing the position of your joints with little receptors in your joints called “mechano-receptors”. These little receptors relay information to the spinal cord and brainstem. The spinal cord and brainstem then tell the muscles how tight or loose to be. This occurs without any conscious effort 24 hours a day. So if you have had accidents, falls, or traumas from repetitive stress injuries, your joints and muscles have likely moved out of place resulting in muscle imbalance and potentially a reversed cervical curve.

The NUCCA procedure works on balancing the nervous system so that this reflex can be properly restored. This allows proper nerve flow to the muscles allowing you to stand up straighter without conscious thought.


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