Many Migraine Patients Suffer for Years

Migraine relief is possible. It is not uncommon for a patient to say during an initial consultation that they have been everywhere trying to get help for their migraines. They have taken every medication on the market with partial or no relief. Many times, they are desperate by the time they reach our office and hear about NUCCA upper cervical care.

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NUCCA: Migraine Treatment

After adjusting many patients that suffer from migraines, with and without auras, intractable and not intractable, with and without status migrainosus, we understand what you are going through. We see the patterns that many patients go through. Chronic migraines and headaches can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. They can be disruptive to your social life, work life, and even home life.

A part of the brain, the hypothalamus, receives migraine and headache triggers, and sends the signals to the upper brainstem activating the trigeminal nerve, which sets off a migraine episode. The NUCCA procedure studies and analyzes the area of the spine which houses the brainstem. We look at body imbalance starting at the upper neck. This part of the spine is known as the upper cervical spine. If there is a misalignment of atlas, the top vertebra of the spine, it can put direct pressure on the brainstem with the potential to cause migraine and headache symptoms.

There is Hope for Migraine Sufferers

NUCCA is a gentle procedure that realigns atlas, taking pressure off the brainstem. We do this by analyzing this area with precise NUCCA x-rays and restoring balance to this vital part of the spine. NUCCA oftentimes completely eliminates migraine symptoms or reduces the intensity and frequency of migraine episodes. The goal of NUCCA care is for a patient to come in and not need to be adjusted on every visit. Over time, your body will get stronger and require less input from us.

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