Due to My Diabetes I Have High Blood Pressure

“I have had diabetes type 2 since 2005. Due to my diabetes I have high blood pressure and kidney problems. I take all kinds of medication which have all kinds of side effects. My husband told me that his chiropractor could help. I asked him, “I do have some back problems but how will this help my other problems?” Turns out, after my first adjustments my numbers began to improve. I didn’t know how it was possible but because my head wasn’t on straight, blood wasn’t going through my body like it should. Now, I can function like a normal person and maybe one day I can ditch the medication.”

-Veronica H.

(Veronica’s high blood pressure has begun to normalize; she has begun to see out of her left eye which was not possible for 1 ½ years; and she has needed less insulin since chiropractic care!)


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