Information Super Highway: Your Nervous System

The brain stem is the central hub where all information entering and leaving the brain must pass through to reach the rest of your body. The brainstem consists of the medulla oblongata, pons, and midbrain. Many important and vital functions such as breathing, heart rate, digestion, ability to sleep, coordination, and even blood pressure are controlled at the base of the brain. Even the tiniest misalignment in the upper neck throws the weight of the head off balance. This imbalance puts pressure on the brain stem which is housed in the upper neck. A host of acute and chronic health problems occur when there is pressure in this delicate area that can have global effects. This chart shows the consequences of body imbalance:

The Goal of NUCCA Upper Cervical Care

NUCCA upper cervical care does not aim to treat specific conditions, but indirectly does so in many cases. The goal of NUCCA upper cervical care is to restore anatomical balance as well as neurological balance. After all, when the body is in balance, health is restored.

“When brain health and healing messages CAN flow to all parts of the body without interference, you may expect good health.” – Daniel Clark

From a newborn to a mature adult, healing messages from the brain should flow freely to a heart cell, stomach cell, hair cell, skin cell…that is true health from within!

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