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What Does a Migraine Feel Like?


Migraines Are Very Common Migraines are a form of severe headache that affect about 15% percent of the population globally. Also, many migraine sufferers experience pain that can be debilitating to the point of jeopardizing one’s career. It’s more than an ordinary headache, and according to the Mayo Clinic: A [...]

What Does a Migraine Feel Like?2022-06-07T14:24:08-07:00

Grateful That My Migraines Are a Thing of the Past


Migraines- A Thing of the Past "I used to suffer from migraines periodically but when they started happening more frequently, they really started to affect my daily life. After meeting Dr. Young and I hearing about all the benefits of chiropractic care, I decided to come in and get checked. [...]

Grateful That My Migraines Are a Thing of the Past2021-06-17T10:18:31-07:00
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