Immune System Boosting Supplements


What Supplements Do You Recommend? Immune System Supplements. We get lots of questions from patients about what supplements help boost their immune systems.Below is a quick list of our favorite supplements and recommended doses. Please consult with your primary care doctor before taking them. To maximize the benefits of taking [...]

Immune System Boosting Supplements2021-04-07T10:15:26-07:00

3 Ways San Diego Chiropractors Help


Patient Seek Care: 3 Ways San Diego Chiropractors Help There are many reasons why patients choose to see a chiropractor in San Diego. Many patients see us for relief for headaches, pain in the neck, low back pain, vertigo, dizziness, migraines and advanced neurological problems. However, more and more patients [...]

3 Ways San Diego Chiropractors Help2021-04-05T16:11:05-07:00

Don’t Let the Flu Get You Down- Part 2


Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System Chiropractic is a great natural way that boosts the immune system. Other ways to boost your immune system include garlic, ginger tea, vitamin C, vitamin D, elderberry, and ginseng. Your immune system is most active at night so make sure you are getting [...]

Don’t Let the Flu Get You Down- Part 22014-12-23T06:43:33-08:00
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