Migraines and Headaches: Learn the Difference


Migraines Are Common But Not Normal It is common for patients to report that their symptoms started early in life and that they have suffered for years. The typical migraine headache throbs and pulses, and is commonly associated with nausea and changes in vision. Up to 20% of the U.S. [...]

Migraines and Headaches: Learn the Difference2021-04-08T11:40:19-07:00

Freedom from Headaches!


Freedom from Headaches "I have suffered with headaches and lower back pain for a long time. In fact, I have suffered from headaches since childhood, and they became something I just learned to live with. I have been to two different headache institutes, have gotten injections (occipital nerve blocks) in [...]

Freedom from Headaches!2021-03-18T12:42:42-07:00
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