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Causes of Neck Pain Neck pain can come on quickly due to a ѕuddеn injury such аѕ a whiplash, slip and fall, blow to thе hеаd, оr auto ассіdеnt. Other times, neck pain соmеѕ on ѕlоwlу and gradually without a specific injury and worsens over time. Other times individuals report [...]

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What is a Subluxation?


First the Nervous System Every cell, tissue, organ and system, thought, and emotion, is completely controlled by the nervous system. Also, the nervous system has the major task of coordinating your every move. Indeed, a person with a healthy nervous system has a more effective connection between his or her [...]

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Congratulations Dr. Devin Young


Congratulations Dr. Devin Young! Dr. Devin Young has just completed the Diplomate in Craniocervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP). It's a HUGE accomplishment, as he is the only Diplomate in Southern California! Also, it truly shows his dedication to the chiropractic profession and upper cervical chiropractic care. Firstly, the diplomate program through the [...]

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