Spinal Decompression

What Are the Benefits of Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression treatment for back pain is a non-surgical treatment that helps improve back pain, leg discomfort, and other symptoms caused by disc bulges, disc herniations, and other spinal problems. It works by applying gentle decompressive forces on the spine with our sophisticated non-surgical spinal decompression machine. Intouch Chiropractors provide spinal decompression as one of many therapies that improve our patients’ quality of life and functional results.

Spinal decompression is a pain-free therapy. The goal of spinal decompression is to relieve pain in a non-invasive manner. Patients are positioned on their back, and can chose lumbar or cervical spinal decompression. There is no downtime, and no medicine is needed.

It’s also a technique that promotes healing. Decompression creates a vacuum-like pressure on the spinal discs, which aids in the movement of healing cells, fluids, and other substances to the injured areas.

Spinal decompression offers long-term results after a series of treatment sessions. After treatment is complete, many patients report relief from their discomfort. Discs are rehydrated through a vacuum phenomenon, and can retract to their normal position. It is possible to get long-term outcomes with this therapy method after a series of treatments.

Many of the pain concerns we confront are consequences of bad posture, which disrupts the spine’s natural alignment. Since nerve interference is reduced through spinal decompression when combined with regular chiropractic care, many patients significantly improve overall posture.

What’s the very best reason to have spinal decompression? It works! If you are nearing the point where you might require surgery due to a deteriorated disc, research suggests that spinal decompression can help you avoid surgery by 75-85 percent. The success rate for individuals with a herniation is substantially more significant, with as much as 95 percent. If you thought that surgery was your only option, you could safely think again, thanks to the spinal decompression services offered by Intouch Chiropractors.

What Conditions Can Spinal Decompression Help?

Bulging or Herniated Discs

Spinal decompression treatment may help rectify a bulging disc that has strayed beyond its natural space or has slipped out of position. Bulging discs are often the cause of chronic lower back pain and persistent neck discomfort.

Spinal decompression treatment may also aid in the healing of herniated discs or those with annular fissures. When a herniated disc spills its soft inner gel onto adjacent nerves, it can produce excruciating, searing pain sensations that travel from your neck down your shoulders or from your lower back into your hips and legs (sciatica).

Degenerative Disc Disease

Spinal decompression treatment may help reverse the symptoms of degenerative disc disease. This common and gradual wear-and-tear condition happens when your typically moist, elastic, and flexible spinal discs degenerate into a dry, stiff, and inflexible state due to the natural aging process.

Spine decompression treatment can assist people with degenerative disc disease reduce stiffness and pain, improving spinal flexibility, increasing range of motion, and improving fluidity.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a degenerative anatomical condition that causes the spinal canal to narrow over time. Although it may occur in any section of your spine, it is most often seen in the lumbar region or lower back.

Spinal decompression treatment aims to relieve pressure throughout your spinal canal reducing persistent lower back pain, lower body fatigue, and other severe symptoms caused by spinal stenosis.

Facet Syndrome

Facet syndrome, or discomfort at any of the movable facet joints that connect your vertebrae, is mainly the result of age-related wear and stress. It can happen when a joint wears down and crushes a spinal disc or when a weak or damaged disc collapses and causes your bones to grind against each other.

Spinal decompression treatment is a gentle and efficient method of lengthening compressed portions of the spine, restoring facet joint function and mobility, and speeding up disc repair.

Is Spinal Decompression Right For You?

If you suffer from chronic back pain and other symptoms, you know how difficult it can be to live a normal life. Nothing else matters if you’re focused on getting relief. Non-surgical spinal decompression treatment can be precisely what is needed. Many people have found it to be highly effective, even helping them avoid spinal surgery in many cases. Find out if it’s the right solution for you.

Spinal pain is a frequent medical condition. Because many of us perform physically demanding professions or spend most of our days sitting, our spines are more prone to compress, causing strain and pain. Spinal compression may induce disc degeneration and other medical issues that result in persistent discomfort.

Thankfully, spinal decompression is a non-surgical procedure that can help remove built-up pressure and tension, enabling patients to find relief from back pain. Non-surgical spinal decompression, unlike medicine or other therapy approaches, will alleviate pain at its cause rather than just masking the symptoms.

One of the primary advantages of spinal decompression therapy is that it is a non-surgical treatment, which means patients do not have to go through the lengthy recovery period or downtime associated with traditional surgery. While spine surgery is an effective therapy that may be appropriate for certain patients, most doctors choose non-surgical therapies first to see if they can get relief without having back surgery.

Decompression is an adaptable therapy that can alleviate spinal pain caused by various spinal problems. Chiropractor lower back pain sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and pinched spinal nerve roots are the most common spine disorders that decompression treatment can help. Spinal decompression treatment is also effective for bulging, slipping, or ruptured discs.

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