Our Top 5 Immune Boosting Tips

Many of our patients are asking how they can improve their immune systems naturally. In this post, we share our top 5 immune boosting tips. For the most part, our immune systems do a phenomenal job of protecting us from invaders daily. However, offensive strategies can be implemented to improve our odds of staying well right now.

Scientists and researches are constantly studying the effects of diet, exercise, stress and other variables on the immune response.  In the meantime, we can apply healthy-living techniques that are a great way to start giving our bodies a better shot at staying well.

Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Here are five strategies that you can implement right away.

1. Avoid Sugar

Eating lots of sugar suppresses your immune system by suppressing the immune cells responsible for attacking invaders. Something as simple as drinking two (2)- 12 oz cans of soda reduces our white blood cells’ ability to destroy and overpower bugs. Choose less sugary choices like tea, water, and natural fruit juices to stay hydrated instead of sugary drinks. An easy replacement is a small piece of high-quality chocolate instead of cakes and cookies.

2. Reduce Stress

Chronic stress makes us vulnerable to illness, infections and disease. Non-stop stress predisposes us to a steady cascade of the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. Both of these hormones suppress the immune system, so take up deep breathing, meditation and focus on “letting go” of things we can’t control. One of our favorite anti-stress supplements is Natural Calm.

3. Eat Crunch Veggies

Eat lots of broccoli, kale, cabbage and chard (cruciferous vegetables). These veggies support the liver’s ability to flush out toxins. Less toxins equals better health.

4. Stay Active

Exercise and movement stimulate the lymphatic system (the sewer system of the body). Exercise also increases oxygenation and increases the level of leukocytes in your body. Leukocytes are immune cells that fight infection. Go for a walk in your neighborhood for 30 minutes, play chase with your kids, or jump rope in your backyard. Even a dance-off with your kids in the living room counts. Keep your body moving to stay well.

5. Get Extra Sleep

Running your body down 100% increases your susceptibility to illness. When we lack sleep, our immune system gets depressed. Your body goes into rest and repair when you are sleeping, so make sure you get plentry of ZZZZs. Insomnia can cause a rise in inflammation and spike your cortisol levels. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is critical and boosts your immune system.

So, you can see that it doesn’t have to be complicated to boost your immune system. Your best defense against invaders is to have a great offense. All of our recommendations are cost-effective and doable by all. We have included a couple of bonuses in case you are interested. But first, get started with the Top 5 Immune Boosting Tips above.



Meditation calms your body and mind. Sitting and being quite for as little as 10 minutes a day has a long lasting physiological response. If you have a tough time being still, many guided meditations are available online or through downloadable apps. Focusing on the positives in your life, deep breathing and just watching your thoughts and practicing ‘letting them go’ are enough to calm your mind.

*Take Your Supplements

Supplements such as Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Zinc and Probiotics also help support your immune system naturally. They are easy to find and we recommend taking them daily.


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