Eight out of 10 people will experience back pain in their lifetime. Back pain can feel sharp, piercing, burning or as a dull ache. Lower back pain may travel into the legs and feet with symptoms of numbness, tingling or muscle weakness which indicate nerve compression. Back pain can be a chronic problem or come on suddenly.

How to Prevent Back Pain

Let’s face it, preventing lower back pain is much easier than treating it. With so many great alternatives, there is little reason to turn to drugs and surgery that in reality don’t address the underlying causes of your pain. Besides consistent chiropractic care, below is a list of  Dr. Mercola’s recommendations.

  1. Exercise regularly to build your core muscles (back and abdominal muscles).
  2. Optimize your vitamin D3 levels  to prevent softening of the bones.
  3. When sitting for a long time, suck in your belly, slightly rotate your pelvis up, make sure your ears are over shoulders and pinch your shoulders blades together. Hold this position for several minutes and repeat once every hour.
  4. Address emotional issues before they influence your health and appear as physical pain.
  5. Regular massages releases endorphins, which help with relaxation and pain relief.
  6. When standing, keep your weight spread evenly on your feet.
  7. Stand and sit straight and avoid slouching to prevent muscle strains.
  8. Bend your knees, use your legs and keep your back straight while lifting.
  9. Sleep on a firm bed either on your side or back, never on your stomach.
  10. Use chairs or car seats that offer good lumbar support.
  11. Get up and walk around often.
  12. Wear comfortable shoes and only wear high heels occasionally.
  13. Drink plenty of water to keep your intervertebral discs hydrated and to reduce stiffness
  14. Maintain a healthy weight.
  15. If you smoke, know that smoking reduces blood flow to your lower spine and causes spinal disc degeneration.

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