“I was in a really terrible car accident and had never before sought out chiropractic care. After my accident, my back began experiencing sharp pain and discomfort. I immediately sought out chiropractic care and found Dr. Tapia. At the beginning, I didn’t understand how chiropractic care worked and how essential it was to maintaining my well-being. Dr. Tapia took the time to thoroughly explain the chiropractic process and was ALWAYS willing to answer any and every question I had.

My healing process has taken time, I didn’t feel an instant sense of relief, but knew patience and continued care was essential to my health. I feel better and better every day thanks to the comprehensive care Dr. Tapia has given me. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking holistic care.

Dr. Tapia’s care goes beyond her profession, as she really takes the time to develop a personal relationship with you so when you come to the office you really feel at home. I have never felt better physically, and truly value the personal commitment Dr. Tapia makes to create a partnership devoted to one’s well-being. She is truly the best!

Lissette L.