Living With Constant Headaches

“Intouch Chiropractic changed my life! I had been living with constant headaches for several years. By the time I met Dr. Young, I was on my 4th Chiropractor had seen multiple Medical Doctors and 2 Acupuncturists. At best I would have a few hours of relief a few times a month. I had given up hope of ever living pain free. My memory was deteriorating impacting my ability to concentrate. There were days where I was unable to form full thoughts or speak clearly. I was afraid of what was happening to me. My work was suffering. My relationship was impacted. My knees, hips, and back were beginning to bother me more and more making it difficult to exercise. I worried about my future and what my quality of life would be like in 20 years. I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt helpless.

[I was] filled with skepticism…All of my fears and qualms were replaced with hope that he may be able to actually help me and maybe even make me better and so I could live a normal life! Hope became reality! From the first adjustment I have been headache free! I hadn’t realized that I had been living in a fog until it was lifted and everything became clear and bright. I grew more patient with my family. My work improved. I was myself again…[Dr. Young] truly cares about each one of his patients and their health. He inspires people to live a healthy life…I can never fully express my gratitude.”

Thank you!

-Tawny W.