What Would Life Be like Without Moms

It wouldn’t. Without our mamas we wouldn’t be alive. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. In this post we thought to share a bit about our mothers.

Dr. Young’s Mom: Margaret

Dr. Young’s mom is beyond strong. She grew up in a rural community on a farm in Millstadt, Illinois. Milking cows and making butter, check. Lifting bales of hay, check. Selling produce door-to-door in the city, check. Carrying water by the buckets into the house for cooking and washing dishes, check. Learning to drive a tractor at age 8, check. Holy smokes! Growing up with no brothers gave her a very early awareness that she was not only capable of doing anything a boy could do, but that it was expected!

She remembers eagerly awaiting the Saturday night bath that had to be heated on a stove, and the trips to the outhouse during winter storms. Everyone had to pull their weight, including Margaret. They were truly all great lessons in early responsibility and independence. She instilled a strong work ethic, honesty and integrity above anything else in Dr. Young and her daughters. The best gifts a mother can give to her children.

Her independence brought her to California. The beauty of the Bay Area drew her in…and still does. A few months ago, we were going over the Bay Bridge from Oakland into San Francisco and taking in the skyline. I could only imagine what she must have felt when she saw the same exact view decades earlier…breathtaking. Margaret had a rewarding career as a nurse, raised 3 kids successfully, and continues to live in the Oakland Hills with her husband. She is a world traveler but always comes home to her majestic view of the SF Bay.

Dr. Tapia’s Mom: Elsa

You may see Elsa around the office as she’s consistent with her care and lives right here in San Diego. Her story starts in Mexico. At the young age of 21, she was a widow with 2 little kids to take care of on her own, Dr. Tapia and her younger brother. Dr. Tapia’s brother, Edgar, was terminally ill as an infant.

After traveling to the top doctors in Mexico City, she was told to go home as there was nothing else that could be done for him. They recommended she contact Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles because they were doing experimental surgeries. Elsa did, and after dozens of experimental surgeries, he is still here today. Edgar is 43, and lives right down the street from Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia with his wife and 2 boys. The price of leaving her life in Mazatlan, her family and her friends was high, but she wasn’t giving up on her baby.

I have oftentimes thought about this, and still can’t even wrap my brain around what she must have experienced. She must have felt alone and afraid in a new country, not knowing a single soul in LA and not speaking the language. She lived with a nurse that took her in for awhile and spent a lot of time at the Ronald McDonald House. Dr. Tapia lived with her grandparents during this time from 4-8 years of age. Elsa continues to pour her heart into her 3 lively kids. We’re lucky to have her close by. She’s a quiet woman, but definitely gets her point across…always!

Gosh! We’re so grateful for these strong women! On this day, we send a big hug to you and your mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day: Tell Us About Your Mom

Tell us about your mom next time you’re in the office. We honor you on this Mother’s Day whether you have your own biological kids or not. Happy Mother’s Day!

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