Exercise and Your Health

Exercise and your health: getting back in shape is a popular resolution any time of year. Unfortunately, many people had this same goal last year, and possibly the year before that. So, how can we best set ourselves up for success?

Here Are a Few Tips to Help You Stick to a New Exercise Plan Before the Holidays:

1. Have a plan– Being consistent requires focus, and being focused requires a plan. Know what days you need to push it a little harder and when you get to relax.

2. Start slow– This is NOT a competition. What you do at the onset are building blocks for what you do later, so make sure you build a strong base.

3. Stay strong– When the inevitable occurs, and you want to skip a day, stay strong & stay focused. One skip leads to two, and you will definitely regret it later.

4. Schedule breaks– Your body needs to rest and rejuvenate from time to time. 3-4 days off every few weeks will do your body good!

5. Work out with a partner– Have someone with the same goals that can help you stay focused and on track. It’s much easier when you are accountable to each other.

One Thing to Consider: Alignment

Stretching and strengthening is important for staying healthy and fit, as well as helping with pain and tension reduction. However, proper alignment is just as important when exercising. Correct alignment allows the muscles from front to back and from side to side to be balanced while you are strengthening and stretching.

Body Balance and Your Health

Body balance and body posture are important for best results in any exercise program. Before hitting the gym, check your posture standing in front of a mirror. Are your ears level with each other? Is your your nose/head rotated or tilted to one side? What about your shoulders and hips? Does one foot flair out?

Have someone check you from the side. Do these body parts line up? Your ear, middle of your shoulder, middle of your hip, the middle of your knee and the front part of your ankle.

“obtain better alignment and a balanced posture through chiropractic adjustments”

Are You Out of Alignment?

If you are, chances are that it will be difficult to maintain proper body balance while you exercise. Good news! Chiropractors help create better alignment and a balanced posture through chiropractic adjustments to the spine. This will help you strengthen and stretch your muscles more evenly, and make your workouts more effective. More good news! A fit person holds his chiropractic adjustments longer because his spine is maintained in alignment more easily with strong and flexible muscles. After all, the muscles are attached to the bones. Call our office at (619) 313-5403 to get well.

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