Depression and Anxiety Had Full Control of My Life

“For several years, my anxiety and depression took full control of my life. It was a thin stream of fear trickling through my mind that eventually led to a channel into which all other thoughts were drained. I had intense feelings of fear, doom, foreboding, and gloom. Also, I had the fear that I may lose control of my thoughts and actions. In conclusion, this made me spend most of my time locking myself in my room without ever wanting to leave.”

I Had Intense Physical Symptoms

“I lived in fear and isolation and I developed intense physical symptoms such as increased breathing and heart rate, sweating, shaking, weakness or fatigue. Worst of all, an uncontrollable gag reflex. Therefore, I couldn’t eat/drink in front of people, speak in front of people. I was unable to talk on the phone, or even go to school without having an anxiety attack. I spent years going from doctor to specialist, from therapists to psychologists to psychiatrists and more. Not once did I find a solution until I came across chiropractic care. Since coming to Intouch Chiropractic, I have benefited greatly from NUCCA upper cervical care in just 3 weeks of treatment than I ever did with years of constant hospitalization and medicines. I have progressed from experiencing anxiety, thick depersonalization, unrelenting fear and wandering thoughts that had to do with everything and anything, to a new me.”

I Am a New Person

“I have overcome my fears and have flourished into a new person. I now enjoy everyday activities, going to school, being out, eating in public, socializing, and many more. I am happier, braver and stronger than I have ever been. I have had many rocks in my path but thanks to NUCCA I have collected all those rocks and created a castle. I AM FREE!

-Michelle M.


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