Chiari Malformation

Thanks to Dr. Young I am feeling more like a normal person now.  I was having severe migraines and a many other issues such as vertigo and buzzing in my ears, before I started going to Intouch Chiropractic. Since going there my migraines, vertigo, and buzzing in my ears have gone away, and my mobility in my neck has gotten better. I was seeing multiple doctors for the issues I was having and thanks to Dr. Young and Intouch Chiropractic I only am seeing two doctors now.

On another positive note, I was having severe discomfort and pain in my back (surgery in 2013) and the pain lessened greatly after each visit.  I look forward to each visit and can’t wait to see how I further progress with these visits. Some of my family has also started to go to Intouch Chiropractic.  I am excited to see how it impacts their lives, also!

-Stacey B.