“Intouch has giving me a new beginning. I suffered from severe migraines for over 6 years.  I went from a long distance runner to only being able to work out inside a gym. My migraines first started affecting my life while I was in the navy’s special operations training.  I was then medically dropped from the program because how severe my migraines were. I would be non functional for almost 3 days without meds. I learned to live with it for awhile but never being able to do what I wanted to because of the fear of having them.  After my active duty career I started pursuing a career in firefighting. While I was working at southwestern college, Dr. Tapia came in the office and had a question. As I helped get her to the right people, we started to talk about my migraines. She got me to come to her booth for an exam. She asked me to come in for a consultation and it was a life changer. I received a letter from SDFD saying that I got the job and had almost a year before I went to the academy. Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young helped me get rid of the migraines and changed my life.  No longer do I live in fear of working out in the sunlight. I made it through my academy migraine free and am now a firefighter for the city. It’s truly a dream come true. I’m also in the healthiest shape of my life right now as well. I owe it all to Intouch. I am truly great full for the both of them to be in my life. They even came to my graduation for the fire dept as well. Intouch is definitely a family and has welcomed me with open arms. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without them. Thank you so much!”

-Kevin M.

Get more info to be migraine free at: https://sandiegonucca.com/migraine-and-headache-relief/