Chiropractic Helps with a Variety of Conditions

Our San Diego chiropractors are trained to treat a variety of conditions. However, one of the things we love about chiropractic is that we truly see the patient holistically. We don’t believe patients just have a knee problem, or a neck problem, or a headache problem. We can’t tell you how many times patient say, “wow, I’m sleeping through the night” or “I don’t have acid reflux anymore.” We always smile when we hear these comments, because oftentimes patients only tell us about the 3 common conditions San Diego Chiropractors help.


3 Common Conditions San Diego Chiropractors Help

Many of our patients only talk to us about the top 3 conditions we see in our office: back pain, neck pain, and sports performance. Keep in mind that we help a host a variety of symptoms that aren’t included in this post such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo, post-concussion syndrome and even TMJ Problems.


Back Pain

Over 80% of people will experience low back pain. And we have tremendous success with treating this common condition even when we don’t even adjust your low back. We have extensive training in this area unlike most healthcare professionals. The standard of care when you see a general medical doctor is a pain killer and a muscle relaxant. These medications can be helpful, but ultimately don’t treat the cause of the problem. They simply mask the pain signals going from your low back to your brain. The pain is still there, but your brain simply doesn’t register it anymore.

Lower back pain is the number one reasons for workers’ compensation and disability claims, and the costs are massive. Fifty ($50) billion to be exact!


Neck Pain

Neck pain also affects many people. Neck pain can be due to micro-traumas from poor ergonomics, poor posture, funky sleeping positions or self-manipulation. It can also be caused by macro-traumas such as a slip and fall, car accident, sports injury, or work accident. Whether your neck pain is acute or chronic, we can help. The neck is a fragile part of our bodies with many jobs.

All signals traveling to and from the brain must travel through your neck. That means that even a nerve impulse from your brain to your left big toe must pass through your neck. This is why it’s common for paramedics to place a cervical collar on a patient at the scene of any accident. They want to make sure everything is a-ok before they let you walk around. You even see this every Sunday on the field as football players are placed on stretchers. They do this to lessen the likelihood of permanent damage to the neck which can have a huge impact on body function.


Sport Injuries

We see many athletes in our office. Some weekend warriors, some professional athletes. Muscle imbalances, poor biomechanics, improper form, and poor conditioning can have a huge impact on sports performance. For the majority of our active patients, they want to continue to run, golf, hike, crossfit, you name it. And do so in top shape, without pain or discomfort. Call us today to see if we can help you too!

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