What Happens When We Sit for Too Long

10 Harmful Things That Happen With Prolonged Sitting. Too much time behind a desk has far worse consequences for our health, performance, and energy than we ever thought!

Sitting is so common in our society, that at some point, some even called it the “new smoking.” Ouch. Not sure if that is an accurate comparison, but prolonged sitting does have some pretty serious consequences. While we’re seated, a lot of changes happen.

10 Harmful Things That Happen With Prolonged Sitting

1. blood sugar rises,
  2. muscles become tighter,
  3. metabolism slows down,​
  4. blood flow to the heart slows,
  5. hormonal changes occur,
  6. heart disease​ risk increases,
  7. lower back pressure increases,
  8. posture is compromised,
  9. back & spine injuries increase, and
10. chronic pain sets in​

We may not be able to eliminate sitting altogether, but we can certainly minimize it. We do our best to keep our bodies moving throughout the day to make sure we are keeping our spines and bodies healthy.

Here’s a Few Tips to Keep Your Body in Motion During the Day

​One way to keep our bodies moving, is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. When you are drinking lots of water, your body will automatically remind you to stand up, walk around, and go to the bathroom. It’s our ultimate favorite trick! Plus, you hydrate your body at the same time. It’s a win win.

Here’s a few more tips:

1. Stand and walk around while talking on the phone.
2. Use a wobble cushion on your chair.
3. Get yourself a standing desk or a sit-stand desk.
4. Set an alarm to remind you to walk around on the hour.
5. Have walking meetings instead of sitting meetings.

We haven’t done it in awhile, but we used to have walking meetings at Mission Beach. Now that would be a great goal for us for 2020! And you may have noticed that Joselyn has a standing desk…yes, that was at her request. We are grateful for our talented patient, David, for building our custom front desk for us. 

Life doesn’t have to be complicated.​​ Make a few changes to your routine to minimize the hours of sitting at work, in the car, or at home. Your back will thank you for it years down the road!

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